Willkommen Arzberg.

Arzberg is synonymous with some of the most beautiful porcelain found in the world today. The history of their Mark dates back to 1837 when England introduced the ‘Merchandise Mark Act’ which was created in order to protect the British economy from cheap competition of imported commodity. The ‘made in Germany’ Mark however quickly became a quality seal for German made products – a firm component of Arzberg’s philosophy. Their first forms were sketched by Dr. Herman Gretsch in the year 1931. This collection revolutionized the porcelain market and to this day is recognized as a classic of modern industrial design. The Arzberg lineage and commitment to excellence is quite something...don’t believe us? Come see for yourself...

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firstly to our mom, mamel and babel. if you missed mom's homebaked goodies...so sorry, they were delicious. and to mamel and babel, vielen dank fuer den kaese. of course to devin, noah, ray and paul - thank you.

and to all of our incredible clients for making our Open House the best walrus weekend yet THANK YOU.

we hope you had as much fun as we did. xo

lovin' it

...and we're not referencing the 'golden arches' jingle. quite the opposite really. ladies this healthy, young man is not only good for the environment (an r.m.t and bikes everywhere!) but is biking the streets of vancouver lookin' stylish with his krejci messenger bag. thanks todd!

you're invited.

good people, good cheese, good design, good fun. we hope to see you here!
p.s. please double click on the invite to make it larger and clearer...don't worry, it's not your eyes.

they're back...

magic soaps. use them like regular soap to remove nasty smells like garlic and onion...and sorry, no, i would not recommend washing your mouth out with them.

also just in, 'kitchen tape timers'! not only for your kitchen, but ideal for parents and their kids; brushing their teeth, piano practice, time outs.. ; )

lovely lorena b.

quite magical really.

we'll be placing a special order soon, so if you if have a special someone in mind, or if that special someone is you...pop in for a visit.
p.s. photos by gucio photography xo

all glammed up!

as if she didn't look fabulous already! thanks aysen for coming by and being the first to receive your purchase in our fresh new 'walrus' shoppers and tissue.
thank you of course to toolbox design for the understated yet classy approach....

looking dapper curtis.

we hope you're enjoying your new krejci laptop bag!
violetta (curtis' lovely other half) and curtis are 2 more reasons we love it here in cambie village. not only were they one of our very first clients, but have been spreading the walrus word throughout the neighborhood, and for that we are so grateful!
curtis is modelling the jablko bag by krejci. handmade in the biking capital of europe - amsterdam, these stylish pieces are made of recycled inner tube bike tires...how clever! exclusively found at walrus.

one of the many reasons...

we love it so much. because we get to meet great people like guylaine rondeau (another talented graphic designer + art director)! a wonderful, unassuming woman who took a moment to take a closer look. with the discovery of each product she noticed, came stories reminicent of long ago memories of travels once taken..curiosities once pondered and the sincere appreciation of a simple design. not only did she share her excitment with me, but with the readers of her blog! please click on the link below to read more...

merci guylaine for taking the time from your busy day to share your stories, your time and your passions.