the joy of feeding

when Daniel and I decided to start a business together, the first question we asked ourselves is 'what do we love?'.  i think we simultaneously answered, 'food'.  as we began writing our business plan, we soon realized that wasn't for us.  as much as we love to cook - design was right up there for us too.  all this to say, when the very lovely Meeru of Vij's asked if i would like to take part in the Joy of Feeding event, i was a bit shy, but very happy to participate.

the awesome organizing committee.  

what's it all about?  meeru puts it quite simply.  "it's about connecting 3 points of a triangle - culture and heritage, environment and health and nourishment."  
she's invited/stalked (you'll have to ask her yourself!) all 16 home cooks of different ethnic backgrounds to offer you tastes of our family comfort foods.  "all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the diverse sustainability programming at the UBC farm"  

please join us for the second annual Joy of Feeding event
when:  sunday. june 10th, 2012
where: UBC farms
tickets available here: or in person at Choices Markets 
**please note tickets are 2 for 1 if you're a VanCity member, children 13 and under are free.

what a great way to spend the day - eat to your heart's content, enjoy live entertainment (Dan Mangan is rumoured to perform!) a tour of the farms and crafts for kids.  and really, allow me to cook for you, it would be my pleasure.  

thank you for your support and we hope to see you there.  

feeling nostalgic for your old cassette tapes? meet Deckster,

the ipod nano timepiece.
"even though the watch was our inspiration, it's still about the music. can we design a protective enclosure while adhering to the simple elegant form of the nano? how about a tape deck system?"

re-class: partnering with Mountain Equipment Co-Op's Sustainability Program, backpacks, tire treads and inner tubes were reclaimed and remade into new fun and stylish designs.  99.9% recycled aluminum, paired with rubber inner tube.

night class: made to measure aircraft-grade aluminum jacket, coated in matte black, paired with matching leather bands and finished with matte black stainless steel hardware.

who are the creators of the Deckster? 
"N-Product is composed of a husband and wife duo living and dreaming in Ottawa, Canada.  we're passionate about many things; design, music, fashion, film, pretty much every form of art that has been touched with the indie spirit.  We wanted to create a high end timepiece and the selection of materials and the manufacturing technique needed to be exquisite.  we wanted to keep all activity on-shore, where we can control the level of quality."

i have to admit, i do love those mixed tape days....with Deckster, you can relive those good ol' 80's memories in a whole new way.   

models in store $165, not including the Nano

a few things for the long weekend...

if you're in canada, happy victoria day long weekend!  here are a few fun things to enhance the fun of the long weekend and the sunshine we so deserve...

restock of watches - all colours and sizes are back 
designed and made in italy, interchange the colours of the bands or the watch face itself. find the perfect combo that suits your personality.  
we've just recently received our 3rd and final shipment of summer native shoes and they are dwindling fast - summer in vancouver hasn't even started yet!

going on a trip?  'rather' is the evolution of our favourite guide books 'eat shop'. to read more about them, click here: 

whatever you do, enjoy the sun while it's here fellow vancouverites!  

happy long weekend - please note our shop hours for the weekend:

sunday  12 - 5pm
monday 12 - 5pm

more mother's day ideas - gardening

grow bottles - basil, oregano and mint 

the always beautiful bonsai kits - gardenia, japanese grey elm, japanese black pine and dawn redwood forest 

the lovely rice hull pots - mom, lavender and good luck

to learn more please click:
prices starting at $19

we love our woolly pockets!  indoor outdoor and the mini wallys which include a children's book - minis available in green and brown, wally ones in brown and black

to learn more, please click here:
prices starting at $35

these aprons are great to add to the 'gardening, crafting, cooking' story

mother's day...

i know we always try to take the time to appreciate our loved ones, but mother's day is pretty special.  we love helping you pick just the right thing for the mother or mother figure in your lives...

new shipment of coatt necklaces and bracelets have arrived.  'mom', 'friend', 'forever'...and more. 
simple and understated.

fresh restock of the ever popular local collection, broken english

how about giving her 'the world'?

beautifully handmade pieces by brenda wong

and the always stunning collection by local architects HK + NP studio

many more options in the shop.  we're happy to help.  

emily carr grad show

we're going to check out this year's degree exhibition tonight.

"The annual Degree Exhibition highlights students’ creativity and innovation across design, media and visual arts in our Bachelor and Masters’ programs.
This year, we feature the work of over 350 graduating students in the following disciplines: animation, ceramics, communication design, drawing, digital and interactive arts, film/video/integrated media, illustration, industrial design, interactive design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture."
if you get a chance to take a peek, here's the link: