lots to celebrate this weekend!

celebration of light starts off with China tonight

pride parade tomorrow - happy pride!

"British Columbia i/ˌbrɪtɪʃ kəˈlʌmbɪə/ (B.C. or BC) (French: la Colombie-Britannique, C.-B.) is the westernmost of Canada's provinces and is known for its natural beauty, as reflected in its Latin motto, Splendor sine occasu ("Splendour without Diminishment"). Its name was chosen by Queen Victoria in 1858. In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada."

happy BC day! 

august 1st is also swiss national day!

"The day of independence is typically celebrated at a local, municipality level though certain events draw nation-wide attention. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen has illuminated its 25 meter high waterfalls for special events. Beginning in 1920, the waterfall has been regularly lit for the national holiday and since 1966 is now lit only for this holiday. At the historic location of Rütli Meadow above Lake Lucerne, a representational celebration is staged in the location where the legendary pledge of alliance, the Rütlischwur is said to have taken place."

...sounds beautiful and since half of walrus is swiss we like to celebrate it all.

run out quick - the sun's shining in vancouver.

please note we'll be closed on monday, august 1st.  let's face it, we'll be recovering from these festivities.

no ordinary hummingbird feeder

he's done it again...just look how beautiful they are.

these hummingbird feeders are what design enthusiasts and hummingbird lovers have been waiting for: a modern, colorful, gorgeous feeder that attracts hummingbirds and looks beautiful in the backyard. the hummingbird feeders are finely handcrafted in durable stoneware and are available in six brilliant colors that feature a stamen in a complementary color that ensures your hummingbirds find the food source. each holds 1 1/2 cups of nectar (1 part sugar dissolved in 4 parts water). made in new york.

we've also restocked on the houses and feeders!

houses and feeders currently available in all the above colours. 

read more about their technical specifics from a prior blog post here: http://walrushome.blogspot.com/2010/08/tweet-tweet.html

a beautiful way to add a little more life to your garden or deck.

p.s. it's been a popular wedding/anniversary/housewarming choice.

'living deserts' by world reclaimed

we love it when these guys have new things to share with us. look how simple and beautiful these are....

"Inspired by a recent visit to the desert in California we wanted to create a serene little pot of unusual shapes and textures. Although prickly, these lil guys are modern and simple, and super striking for a little nook in your home. On a bookshelf, by the kitchen sink, or even in a bathroom. As long as they receive about 3 hours of bright open light they will be happy and care is a cinch. Sources say they need watering about twice a month, but I haven't watered ours more than once a year and it is super happy. Regardless, cacti like to dry out well between watering, then receive a good drink that runs through the pot. Remember the number one cause of cactus death is over-watering!"

for more information about aloe designs, a.k.a world reclaimed, and their work:  http://www.nestingjournal.com/nesting/

sundays at walrus.

not that daniel and i are lushes, but we appreciate a nice beer, and peroni seemed to hit the spot this afternoon.  thanks for the visit boys, you can stop by anytime...xo

some new, some restock.

we've recently restocked on some of our favourites & brought in a few new goodies too. there's a lot in this post... feels like i'm over stuffing a turkey. 

remember these watering cans?  well now we've got 'em in sunny yellow. 

don't mind the pun, but really, truly, these bird feeders flew out the door last round.
 *a little more info on the products above can be found on our previous post: http://bit.ly/lI3Nw1
i have to say, i love these 'totem coasters'.  part of the MoMa collection, they stack one on the other, have a wood base and vibrantly coloured wool inserts. sold as sets of 4.

also part of the 'totem' collection, these natural beech wood votive holders allow you to stack them in a variety of heights and configurations. sold in sets of 3.
these playful fingerprint cufflinks are made of white gold-plated tin. 

this next round of products came in and out of the shop swiftly - we didn't have time to share them with you all!

"war is destructive and bombs take away lives. but these beautifully sculpted ceramic love grenade coin banks are designed and made to plant seeds for future growth and prosperity. convert your love to change and save it in "A Love Grenade" and donate it to those who are in need."

add some flowers/green plants and turn this peaceful bomb into a beautiful nurture for life.

"destructive military force is not the only way to resolve conflicts. let this Friendly Tank, made from ceramics, be a wiser and powerful tool in bringing peace by translating ideas into words and images."
all of the pieces above are part of Biaugust's cause, A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)  partial proceed goes to support this.

now don't think we're getting all violent on you. i know there seems to be a theme emerging, but there's nothing to be afraid of here.  check out what the designers thinking: "here, weapons which may typically be viewed as symbols of violence are converted to tools for peace. our creativity and knowledge expressed through words and sketches are the best means to get our points across, not through force and/or violence - a strong message conveyed by the designer". 

these are some of our favourites!  made of pewter and ceramic, these animals are designed to balance on their nose and ears/horns when placed as a bottom. can be used as a shot glass, candle holder, paper weight or simply for décor. we just got in the moose and deer - feels very canadian. 

and lastly...
while it might look like a regular soda can, instead of aluminum they’re made from a biodegradable corn starch-like material called PLA. and while it’s safer for the environment when disposed of, these cans are designed to be used again and again. they’re actually double-wall insulated so they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, are microwave and dishwasher-friendly and even have a pop-up lid that looks just like a soda can ring pull.

phew!  i think that's it for now...hope to see you soon.


on days like this, i just want to cuddle up with things like this...

if you're not from vancouver, it's a bit on the grey side today. 

these luscious pieces are 18" x 18", 100% alpaca, have goose feather and down inserts, and are all designed and hand knit right here in our fair city.  by whom?  beatriz rempel.

beatriz is an interior designer / knitter who is inspired by where she lives…the beautiful westcoast of British Columbia and the places that have special meaning for her.  she says she has a somewhat obsessive attention to detail and quality.  you won't get any argument here beatriz.  keep obsessing, we'll help take care of the rest.

it's sunny, let's go for a bike ride....

                still in need for a bike bell or tired of your boring old one? Have a look at these!

They are all hand painted in Monteal and they use eco-friendly paints: without solvents or toxic fumes. The painted bells are then baked, making them resistant to all types of weather.

I'm sure your kids will love them and I'm thinking I should get one for my bike as well!

let's make the world a little greener...

i love these kits.  they contain everything you need to get going.  and what a beautiful sentiment for someone - house warming, engagement, retirement, or simply because you're thoughtful. we also have a restock of these great pieces: http://walrushome.blogspot.com/2011/05/mothers-day-or-any-day-these-are.html