warm warm woolly welcome...

Woolly Pocket from Woolly Pocket on Vimeo.

*please note 'pockets' in the video an older version and have changed slightly

we are so happy to have these in our shop! they are fantastic, and the wonderful family owned and operated company try to make as little impact on the earth as possible. they make every effort to use sustainable, local sources for all of their materials and their offices are solar powered and qualify for LEED Platinum.

these modular gardening containers are flexible, breathable, handstitched in the USA and are made of recycled plastic bottles!

come in and see for yourselves...they are truly, truly great.

small space gardening workshop

here we are, workshop #2, an invite for you...

please double click to enlarge

you really can 'green' up your small space, come down and find out how!
we have a new product coming in too...

please rsvp:  info@walrushome.com

wishing all you fathers...

a very special day.  i'm sure you deserve all the spoils today brings you...

happy happy father's day. 

walrus welcomes christine breakell-lee...

opening reception. thursday, june 17th
6pm - 9pm


"I have been creating art since I was five. At twelve, my walls became my canvas when I painted my room in oil paints. In university, my favorite project was building a human-sized bird’s nest…a subject that continues to inspire me for its beauty, fragility and strength. I have also created textiles for the interior design industry and worked as a commercial illustrator.

I am always refining my technique –layering different materials, seeing how they interact and complement one another, experimenting with the balance of colour and space. I apply layers of acrylics, oil stick, charcoal, vellum, glass paint and high gloss resin to the canvas. And, because I studied communications as well as visual arts, I like to infuse the written word into my paintings, using text and phrases in a cheeky manner to lend texture and levity to the work.

The result is an indulgent mix of texture, colour and cloaked messages, balanced and unusual.  The effect, hopefully, is evocative and playful."

we hope to see you here! 

xo caroline and daniel

father's day ideas...

boxes and boxes of new things...this shipment is from sagaform: "one of the leading brands developing, distributing and marketing Nordic design. The company’s products are developed by leading designers based on genuine Swedish design tradition. A Sagaform product is an ideal gift – for someone else or yourself."

decanter with an oak stopper (this is one of our favourite tips a client told us about - you can leave this decanter out looking lovely and it won't get dusty inside because of the oak stopper!)

3 piece cocktail set

and these have always been a favourite, set of 6 whiskey glasses

just a few ideas, there's more to come...

p.s. if you need a father's day card come as soon as you can, they are flying out the door.

no vessel needs to be 'just' a vessel...

we're not the only ones who think so, so does pretty ms. russell.

is it just me - or does she kinda look like Feist?

born and raised in BC,she studied Fine Arts at Langara College in Vancouver and went on to earn a BFA in Product Design from Parsons School of Design in NYC.Voted most sportsmanlike for 7th grade volleyball, Russell was also named one of the "Top 20 young designers to watch out for" in the 2001 edition of Wallpaper magazine's Design Directory. Her work has been featured in Interior Design, City, Bucks, and Inspired House magazines as well as the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. 

good work naughty little beaver!
and check these guys out!  my pens, and plants would be so much happier in here...

and if you're not getting your Dad a real car for Father's Day this year, how about a stoneware one instead?