remember mr. porous walker?

Porous Walker Feature from TheCreativeLives on Vimeo.

he was one of the featured artists in our 'drawing on vancouver' show, curated by mr. laybourne...

loved watching this and learning more about this great soul. 

we may still have one his special pieces......

friends, romans, countrymen...lend me your 'urbanears'

sorry, super cheesy.  but these headsets are not. 
a collective out of scandinavia, these headsets are, well, somewhat delicious...

so naturally they look good, but what's their deal?
  • 40mm handmade driver provides a richer, more secluded sound
  • max. output of 40mW is perfectly balanced for iphones, ipods, blackberrys, instruments, etc.
  • zound plug - translation: a socket that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing you are - so, so good. ditch that splitter. (only available in the 'plattan' - larger size)
  • microphone and remote two way compatibility - compatible with most devices and allows you the freedom to listen to music and receive phone calls on the fly
  • fabric cord - tangle free, ideal for all types of action sports and is cleaner and more durable than the average coated cable

 come on in and try them out.



belli orologi

these clocks have brought a whole lot of sunshine to our shop...

powder coated aluminum and made with love in italy.

available in 2 sizes; 26cm and 40cm in diameter

being that half of walrus is swiss, we have been on the hunt for a cuckoo clock for quite sometime
welcome little red cuckoo, ti amo.

sidney 7:40 arrives at walrus!

still on the hockey gold medal high?! 

this tee is fresh off the press...yup, they've done it again...evokativ design has come up with another great one! check it out: 

'Throughout the 70’s & 80’s “The Rainbow Man” took his religious message of “John 3:16”, inscribed on placards and t-shirts, to the World Series, Super Bowl, Olympics and World Cup.
In Canada, hockey is religion and on Sunday, February 28, 2010 Canadian wonder-boy Sidney Crosby took his own message to the world at 7:40 of overtime in the Gold Medal Olympic game, sliding the puck under the U.S.A. goaltender and sending an entire nation into rapture as the Canadians won by a score of 3 to 2.'

relive the moment:  whew, i get kind of exhausted reliving that again!


they are going fast, grab a piece of canadian gold history.

fjallraven = arctic fox (in swedish of course!)

great lineage: "founder, Åke Nordin, with the help of the Swedish Guide and Scout Association, immediately sketched a reasonably priced, functional backpack that had plenty of space for school children’s folders. The Kånken backpack was introduced in August 1978. The arguments in favour of the school backpack had already taken root with experts.  However, the new backpack would awaken unexpected emotions. Kånken was marked by some as a symbol of liberal political views and sometimes called 'the communist hunchback'. But none of this bothered Åke. He estimated that he would sell 200 Kånken its first year. He sold 400. The following year sales reached 30,000 and the backpack was officially a success."

yeah for Åke!

we have the 'mini' (photographed above and worn by the lovely amanda), the 'classic', and the '17" laptop'.

made of "Vinylon F; functional fabric that has made Kånken daypacks seemingly immortal for the last 25 years."

made in sweden and socially responsible too.
to read more about this, click here:  fjallraven 

olympic hangover?...

...seems to be a general sentiment.  and after that game, the game...yes, still recovering... so, now that we're having a moment to breathe again...we'd love to see some pictures of you all in any of our canadian tees!!  we know you're out there, some have been seen on t.v., so please send them on to and we'll do a fun post. 

xo walrus