thank you.

what a great night! we couldn't be happier with the turn out...good energy all night long. thanks again to robert and scott for allowing us to launch your fantastically humourous, fourth library editions' 'brussels sprouts & unicorns'.

sad you missed it? we are too, but stay tuned, this is just the beginning....
xo. walrus
photos courtesy of gucio photography

introducing ilio

based out of seattle, ilio fragrances' creative team is made up of an architect, a graphic designer and a perfumer. each box contains 2, 100 ml fragrances, 10 reeds and lasts several weeks. simple and elegant.... and you don't have to worry about leaving it unattended.

last minute mother's day ideas

love these! and starting at $18? what? sounds good to me. designed by sweden's foremost designers these glass pieces are beautiful indoors and out. and with the sunshine we're having today?... a gorgeous addition on any patio or table - nobody will even notice you burnt the burgers!

greenthumb? water your herbs and plants from the bottom and help them last longer! available in white and red.

and lots more in store! whatever you choose, be good to your mother.

a special event!

*please double click on the image for a better view.

we are thrilled to be introducing library editions fourth publication - brussels sprouts & unicorns. books and limited edition signed prints will be available, please visit and click their 'art' and 'books' section to get a sneak peek...i think we're all in for a treat!

we're hoping to pack the place and look forward to seeing you here! xo.

donna and sally meet doreen

when donna, 'head honcho' of the delectable savoury city came into the shop, she struck us as a fun-lovin' lady who knew what she liked. and she liked doreen's handmade krejci bags from amsterdam. she also knew that when she went to her friend's party that night, her friends would like her bag too. donna was right. a couple of days later, her friend sally (talented artist, sasa.b designs) came down and got one too. love these ladies!...they share a passion for all things good; food, travel, the italian language and country, and of course, art and design. check them out!

*sally is sporting the stylish and supple 'sacek'

KREJCI's story:

krejci "started off three years ago with a series of bags made out of gray industrial felt. When designer Doreen Westphal received a bag full of inner tubes as a joke Christmas present she started to play around with the material...After much experimentation and study KREJCI succeeded in creating TUBUS,...made from original Amsterdam bicycle inner tubes and felt."

where do they get all their inner tubes from?

"Well, first of all we live in Amsterdam, we have a lot of bicycles and therefore we have a lot of old inner tubes. Collecting them is more of a challenge...Debbie...comes once a week and then she tours on an old-school 'bakfiets' along the bicycle repair men who support the project.
We did a little survey under the repair shops, asking how many tubes they throw away per day; between 3 and 15 was the answer,...Old tubes don't get recycled in a large way so most of them end up in the incinerator. We believe that in Holland 10 000 tubes get burned per day. We worked out that last year we turned the amount of one day into bags..."

all handsewn in warsaw. love it. we are currently low on stock, but hope to get more in about a month, we'll keep you posted...

sassy stephanie

that's right good people...not only is she sassy, but has great taste too. she is the proud new owner of kasia stromecki's 'Brocade Knickers' from her 'Threads' series.

almost there...

...just fits! whahoo! enjoy stephanie, you deserve it.