something every women should have...

we looked for stylish purse hooks since quite a while and where do we find them? right here in vancouver! they are locally designed and small enough to fit in the palm of you hand but strong enough to hold your purse.

we carry the bijou and the vanity line. the vanity collection doubles as a mirror as well and they come in a beautiful tin.

these were such a big hit...

we just had to get some more! we have three new pictures from Christine Breakell Lee on the wall.

please drop by if you are in the neighbourhood and have a look at more of her beautiful work.

we posted about them before but...

we still love them and they are great for the summer. these backpacks are still made in Sweden since 1968!

we also have the VINTAGE 20L back in stock but have only 5 left. this old style backpack has leather strips and metal buckles and is perfect for day trips.

gardening recap..!

we were so fortunate to have worked with caitlin and owen black of aloe designs to bring gardening design workshops to the neighbourhood.  we'll miss them and all their great advice - good thing they're not too far away...such a pleasure to work with genuine and talented people who are doing what they are truly passionate about - thanks guys! xo

the last workshop had to be one of my faves, fun to see the shop full of littles ones getting their hands in the dirt! 

please check out all their creative tips for gardening with kids on their blog:

these 'pockets' and the people behind them, are of an integrity that is also rare and truly admirable...

"The Homegirl Cafe will harvest and use the edible goodies from this vertical farm in their cafe, serving hungry Angelenos while giving at-risk and former gang youths an opportunity to become positive and contributing members of society. I love how this solar powered cycle of life works so beautifully! Grow On Lovely Woollies!"

"We just got a scoop on a wild living wall up in Seattle! The Hunter Gatherer is a newly renovated bar featuring a 21 foot living wall with a twist: taxidermy animal heads peeking out from behind a green cascade of Pothos plants! The wall was designed and planted by Matt and Amoreena Herbage of Midnight Blossom, an amazing floral design studio in Seattle."
hard at work "planting spontaneous gardens all throughout NYC"

love it.

as part of our recap, we also featured stunning handcrafted bird houses and feeders, but are almost sold out so we'll post about them when the new shipment comes shortly!

so many ways to get creative and green up our spaces, sometimes it just takes a little imagination...

*please note peacock blue 'woollies' are available on special order

last workshop of the season! this sunday: gardening with kids!

click to enlarge.

  this is going to be a fun one, if you don't have a child, borrow one for the morning...
come on and get your child to 'unplug' for an hour or so.
we'll have an activity for the kids to do while the workshop is in progress!

*please rsvp:

direct from the black forest...

we just got RAUMGESTALT in again and here are just some of the beautiful pieces we carry.

this is bertha and karl (dancing glasses) and they can be used as caraffs or vases.

these dancing bowls are called molly and klara and molly looks great as a punch bowl as well.

a bag of lights. a bag includes 4 small bags, candles and some wire. great for outdoors or the balcony.

and we have lots more from this design company in our shop.


we just got some great T-shirts in for Canada Day (or any day) from Geographic...


• A science describing the features of the earth, the topography of a region and the natural
characteristics of a place

No more trawling through lame gift shops searching for shirts depicting Mounties riding moose, that (let's be honest) not even your dad would wear. Instead leave it to us here at Geographic. With a tight team of designers, illustrators, photographers and artists, we'll sort you out with our Summer 2010 Collection.

This premier collection features bold, simple and iconic graphics that unabashedly celebrate the nation of Canada, the city of Vancouver and the lifestyle on the West Coast.


they are featured on the front cover of the westender and in the georgia straight this week and there is more to come.