new nookas!

welcome back nookas.  these guys flew out the door so fast last time, i didn't have a chance to post how cool they are!  check out some of their lastest and greatest - solid fashion timepiece.

yes, you're seeing right - it's glow in the dark!

and check out these 'strip' dig these...

we've posted about them before, so i thought i'd share another point of view from monia khemsurov who wrote an article on her studio visit at the nooka lab. be sure to check it out and get in an inside look at the office!

good stuff.

this ain't no ordinary coatrack!

Jared Schmale is an industrial designer living in Vancouver who enjoys creating products from untraditional, recyclable and recycled materials - the Cardboard Coatrack is no exception. Three years ago, Jared was working as a packaging designer and needed a coatrack. Armed with AutoCAD, a CNC cardboard cutter, and an abundant supply of cardboard, the idea came quite naturally. The idea to bring it to market came after realizing that 3 years later, the original prototype was still being used daily, and functioning as well as when it was new! Over the past three years, the Cardboard Coatrack has been subjected to three rainy Vancouver winters worth of wet jackets, backpacks and scarves. The coatrack is 100% recyclable and made of cardboard containing up to 50% recycled content. It has been tested to hold up to 35 lbs and  can withstand a moderate amount of moisture!

handsome isn't it? 

'hook-ness' = good, clever people

i know you've heard us say this before, but these are some more sweet and talented people who have been working their little butts off getting this exhibit together.  we've had and currently have a couple of these designer's/artists featured in our shop before and think they're pretty awesome...

Hook-ness: "Departures" from Amanda Huynh on Vimeo.

Emilie Madill, Jeff Werner, Michelle Fu, Amanda Huynh, Joshua Doherty, Anna Gukov, Joji Fukushima

221A Artist Run Centre presents hook-ness, a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of seven Vancouver-based designers who explore the complexities of ‘hook’. Each designer questions the conventions and assumptions of hooks—offering an array of new findings, interpretations and narratives.

The hook-ness exhibition is the first of a series of investigative studies conducted under the scope of the -Ness project, conceived by Vancouver designer and curator Joji Fukushima. -Ness explores a strategy of design investigation where mundane events and phenomena are examined and re-designed to expose the limitations of our established perceptions.

Opening Reception:

7:00pm, Friday, May 21, 2010

come out and show your support. 

more info at

thank you!

again a HUGE thank you to caitlin and owen for putting on this first workshop, and to the people who came out, thank you too...i know some of you made a special trip out from the suburbs, so it is very much appreciated!  xo
we love opening the space in this way to share with the many kind and talented people of this hopefully this will be the beginning of more...

stay tuned for workshop number 2 coming in june.

p.s. we still have some organic edibles that would love to find a home;  cinnamon basil, lemon thyme, bok choy, broccoli, swiss chard, chocolate mint & butter lettuce...they come in a rice based biodegradable container, very sweet. &

p.p.s. special thanks to my mum, sister and nephew for their help! xo

sneak peek...

the lovely Caitlin of Aloe Designs...

so good...! it's going to be so much fun!

mark your calendars for this sunday and come gardening with us!

we are thrilled to be working with the talented team at Aloe Designs to bring you ORGANIC URBAN FARMING 101:

double click for a closer look!

this sunday may 16th
11am - 12pm

please rsvp to

this is going to be the first of 3 workshops.  what a great way to get out and learn something new on a sunday morning.  may long weekend is supposed to mark the beginning of the planting season, so come out and get a head's start!

show recap (courtesy of our talented nephew xo) from Daniel King on Vimeo.

the boards are back in town!

we had these back when we first opened, but now they've come up with great new styles...

they may look like an ordinary board at first glance, but nooooo these smarty pants use the grain of the wood to create these scenes!  
made in germany and available in 2 sizes.

last minute mother's day ideas...

in large

and petite
made with triple milled organic shea butter, i wish they had scratch and sniff screens...they smell amazing.. and come in beautiful packaging!  soy candles too.  they have a 50 hour burn time and look just as pretty.

or how about one of these delightful moss terrariums?! made with love by ms. iris reilly, they come in vintage glass jars and all have their own unique personality

happy mother's day to all you amazing women out there!