before & after with fieldwork.

it occurred to me, that while we posted lots of mysterious photos leading up to the show - we never did a follow up of the final pieces....

'based on everyday dim sum teacups, these are handmade to mimic their mass-produced counterparts & stand on their tip toes to be noticed.  the set is made to be added to any utilitarian teacup collection to remind us of the cups that we often overlook. each set contains 3 cups, each raised to a different height & made in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China.' - amanda huynh

'over time, the evolution of the cup has taken a very conventional form.  this is not that form.  produced from a single piece of timber, the wood acts as a natural insulator for hot and cold liquids.' - misha olynyk

'hot, boiling liquid
hands seek comfort on a glass
a layer protects' - anna gukov
(that layer is a beautifully fitted, hand stitched piece of natural leather. can be easily removed for cleaning)

'sweet cups, sweet shot cups, sweet sugar cups, sweet candy cups, sweet sipping cups, sweet caramel cups, sweet temporary cups
caramelized sugar cup coated in beeswax melts in your drink beeswax shell left over
to keep, or not' - emilie madill (sold in a set of 4, what a beautiful way to spend an evening sipping out of these)

'they say cups don't grow on trees.  each set of cups is cut from an individual branch & is reconnected when you share a drink with friends & family.  the cups will season and develop a warm patina with use.  made from western big leaf maple sourced in vancouver, finished with a mineral oil & beeswax.' - joshua doherty
(sold in sets of 3 or 4)

'though, being cautious, signs of secrets are always present.  as all affairs leave traces.  & only through close inspection, the hidden qualities of these glasses can be imagined.  please have a close look at these glasses.  i hope you will find their veiled characters.' - joji fukushima
(sold in a set of 5. comes in a beautiful 'crate'.  need a hint: still can't figure it out?  come by & see it in person, will make way more sense then)

there are lots of red (sold) stickers up by these thoughtful pieces, but some are still available.  so if you're looking for that something special for that someone special...might i suggest one of the above? 

photos courtesy of ryan nussbacher & julian hecht

it gets dark so early...

...and mr. schatz makes getting dark exciting.

so dreamy.

"Beautiful - Light projected through tiny openings on the stoneware egg’s surface creates a dream like environment that is perfect for bedtime. Richly finished in glossy color and polished stainless steel base.
Care & Use - Easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Each nightlight ships with two 15 Watt Candelabra Bulbs that can be replaced with a 15 Watt Max Candelabra Bulb. Clear bulbs produce the best projections.

Hand Made - Star Egg Nightlights are handmade exclusively by the artist in New York."

we like to support the arts & this was no exception.

meet jack.
we've know him since the ripe young age of 10, and even at that age, he's been a great supporter and lover of design.  fast forward 2 years later and we received an invite to the launch of his F11 fashion show...but of course!?

make no mistake, the show, the designs, the set up, the clothes (with the help of his entourage, aka circle of friends) were all made by jack.  he is confident, articulate and passionate.  his family, both immediate and extended are all incredibly supportive.  there's no doubt that we will look back on this night and say 'remember when jack was 12 and we attended his first fashion show?'  thanks jack, for including us on your journey.

stay tuned, this boy's going places. 


Billykirk from The Scout on Vimeo.

check out Refueled Magazine's article on the brothers here:  refueled + billykirk

can't say enough about these guys, and Refueled did a beautiful job of capturing what they're all about.  we've restocked on some of our favourite pieces.

"As a daily commuter I wanted to design a medium sized messenger-style bike bag that could fit my 13" MacBook and sit securely on my waist. Designed with two side pockets for water bottles, two interior pockets, one zip pocket and a slash pocket on the back. Comes with adjustable waist strap to keep it from moving and a military spec adjustable webbing shoulder strap with leather shoulder pad. Genuine leather trim. Dull nickel hardware. Nylon Pack Cloth lining. 14" x 12""

"Our bike frame bag was modeled after a vintage smaller bike frame bag we found in France.  It's perfect for a paperback, gloves, phone, sunglasses or even a sandwich. Three loops with dull silver buckles to secure it to the frame. Collar button closures on the front flap. Adjustable. Hand-stitched with wax cording. Hand-oiled and edged. 8" x 5" x 2." "

"This is our smallest Carryall Bag, it comes with a military spec webbing/leather adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad and is lighter in weight. It's great for day trips or as a briefcase. It will hold most laptops in the 13" - 15" range. Top quality Horween Leathers from Chicago for the trim. Two interior pockets. Comes with hand-stitched luggage tag and one buckle closure. Made with a sturdy 12" frame it stands 14" tall and can expand to around 10-12." Oiled and edged. Dull nickel hardware."

medium carryall: "Fits most laptops including the 17" MacBook. Made with a sturdy 16" frame it stands 14" tall and can expand to around 12.""


large carryall: "Our large Carryall is the perfect weekend bag. Made with a sturdy 20" frame it stands 14" tall and can expand to around 12." " 

"Being fans and collectors of vintage and antique military items we decided to remake a pilots helmet bag and this was the result. Ours comes with a Swiss Riri zipper for the main compartment and for the interior pocket. Handles size down so you can carry it or increase the size for wearing it under your shoulder. Padded throughout, top quality leathers for the trim and a rugged Denier nylon lining. Fits all laptops. It stands 18.5" tall and 16" wide. Handles have a drop of 9.5" to 5.5." Dull nickel hardware."

"Our hand-stitched shoulder satchel is modeled after a WWII Belgium Map Case we had. It was just too small for our use so we re-designed it and made ours larger. There is nothing else on the market like this. Each one takes a few hours to complete. One solid piece of cow hide is stitched with heavy wax cording to form the satchel. Comes with an all leather adjustable strap with shoulder piece, dull silver rings and collar buttons. Hand-stitched detailing throughout. Hand-oiled and edged. 9 3/4" X 11." This is a heirloom piece that you will pass down to the next generation." 


while drooling is quite unattractive, it happens often while viewing this collection, and is therefore acceptable...

original colorforms set

we're a bit nerdy when it comes to things like this,  and when we came across this 60th anniversary edition, we had to have it.  it's now a permanent fixture on my coffee table.  something about the 50's always speaks to me... 

released in 1951, this limited edition "captures the essence and creativity of the mid-century generation".
fun Colorforms® facts:
  • Founded in 1951, Colorforms is one of the oldest and best-known toy brands.
  • Colorforms was the first plastic based creative toy introduced in the industry.
  • Colorforms was one of the first toys ever advertised on television
  • A time-tested classic, Colorforms has been nominated as a "Top 100 Toy of the 20th Century" by TIA (Toy Industry Association)
  • Recognized for quality safe play for over 58 years
  • Colorforms is magical, playful, imaginative, creative and open-ended
  • Colorforms is reusable, repositionable, and forgiving.
  • It is a classic childhood experience that parents and grandparents want to share with your children.
a little nostalgia to leave you with...

it was inevitable...

...the snow, the rain.  well it's a good thing the holiday native shoes are in.  seriously, how many of us have been living through vancouver winters with soggy feet?  why, oh why?  you don't have to be okay with wet feet.  honestly, there's a better way...

we have the jimmys, the paddingtons and the fitzsimmons for kids too!

 if your feet could talk, they would thank you.