beautiful new products from Janaki Larsen

we love these handmade vases and they are made by local talent Janaki Larsen. they are available in different shapes and sizes.

these uniquely shaped porcelain bowls can be used with a tea candle and when they are lit, you can see the light shimmering through the thin porcelain.

just arrived...

no matter if you have a sixpack or a beer belly, SCHLAUCH comes in different shapes and sizes.
the limited edition belts, made from bike innertubes, do not only keep trousers and hips together, but also unites artists and designers.
they are all handmade in germany and we love them!

caught in the courier, wednesday, june 3rd, 2009

thank you for coming to our party fred lee! we hope this is the beginning of many more...
again, please just double click to read.

found in flare, june 2009

thank you miss susie wall! please double click on the image to read the article.

it's a family reunion...

bertha, philippe, karl, molly and olga are reunited in vancouver all the way from the black forest in germany! and we're so happy they're here. welcome home.