this weekend...

looks like the sun is going to be out for us this weekend!  perfect for a glass of prosecco, a sampling of tea, french macarons & this weekend only, receive 10% off everything in the shop*!
we have heaps of new things we're excited to share with you. we're so grateful for all your support, this is our small way of thanking you for being a part of it all.

(*please note, discount does not include macarons & exhibition work)

we're 2.

yes, 2 years have passed swiftly, thanks to all of you! 

we'd like to celebrate, so this weekend, please pop in for a glass of prosecco!  our favourite macaron man, Jamie, will be here with new flavours, and spot tea will sampling some new hot and chilled teas as well. 

thank you, we hope to see you here.

xo caroline and daniel

fun, fun, fun...

we love these stylish, young gals from new york.  just look at the fun their having with their designs! 

cambie village easter hunt tomorrow!

come one come all!  don't have a child?  find one - it's supposed to be beautiful out so, come and enjoy the fun!

click here for a closer look at the details:

new shipment of terrariums

i love these 'mini' worlds...

just in time for Easter. going to someone's home for dinner?  this would make an adorable hostess gift.  we also have some cute Easter cards in stock....

confluence: a point of juncture

monica berdin + fei disbrow

opening:  thursday, april 28th, 2011
6 - 9pm

we hope to see you here,
caroline and daniel

'world reclaimed' is back...

...with a beautifully crafted mason bee house.  following the success of their boards, this next piece is crafted with the same, if not more, amount of heart and soul. 

"This little Mason Bee House began its journey as Ipe end cuts of an outdoor bench we constructed last year. Each leftover piece had its struggles; either being warped or split or simply just not pretty enough for the job… but after some trimming, shaping, finishing and fastening with Grandpa’s nails they worked themselves into homes for our disappearing population of mason bees.


Inside the house is a honeycomb of nesting tubes waiting to be inhabited by some tired mason bees as they take a break from a hard days pollinating. All you have to do to lend a hand, is remove the mesh and hook this humble abode up on a sunny wall, preferably an eastern or southern exposure to energize their wings. Providing protection from any nasty weather that might blow their tiny bodies around would help them get a good night’s sleep, too. Think sun, they do! To ensure some bees take up residence you can populate the house with cocoons. For anything mason bee related go to Beediverse to point you in the right direction.
Now, the mason bee house itself is created from FSC Ipe that seemingly lasts forever. It is as hard as a rock but to keep the rich hues this house has been sealed with Penofin Verde so our petite friends stay healthy. Left untreated or without re-applying an oil, it will silver beautifully.

Take me home, inhabit me, and make some blossoms very happy this spring."

'noo' nookas have arrived

yes, they're back in stock and in more flavours than before....

"“Yogurt” is Nooka’s collaborative piece with innovative designer Karim Rashid. It is our first circular design, which utilizes soft and flexible polyurethane, making it similar to the Nooka ZUB line of watches. The display incorporates digital hexagons that comprise the hour in the middle while the minutes circle the outer display of the watch. This watch features sleep mode, a 12 and 24 hour display mode."

for those who've been hoping for a circular form from nooka, there you have it!
we've also got a restock of some of our best sellers, so come on down and check it out.

they've been hard at work down in new york.  introducing, the new and improved asset organizer - a 'streamlined alternative to the conventional wallet'

now available in shop in limited quantity. 

ode to Daniel...

it's a big birthday today. 

while it's a common mistake - we're not married, at least not to each other.

we've worked together for the last 8 years and shared some pretty exceptionally great and not so great times. while we were well warned from close mutual friends and strangers, about 'getting into business with friends', we knew we'd be ok. and i'd say we're better than ok thank you very much.  thanks for being a great business partner and friend daniel, here's to amazing year ahead.

happy 40th. xo

the wait is over...

a fresh batch of fjallraven has just landed at the shop - new colours and their anniversary edition (top photo)!
come see, they can be tricky ones to get sometimes....

we have the 'mini', and the 'classic' in an assortment of colours, along with the 'vintage military 20 litre' in olive and khaki.