ode to Daniel...

it's a big birthday today. 

while it's a common mistake - we're not married, at least not to each other.

we've worked together for the last 8 years and shared some pretty exceptionally great and not so great times. while we were well warned from close mutual friends and strangers, about 'getting into business with friends', we knew we'd be ok. and i'd say we're better than ok thank you very much.  thanks for being a great business partner and friend daniel, here's to amazing year ahead.

happy 40th. xo


  1. Love to you both! Happy Birthday Daniel!! Xo S

  2. I'm so out of the loop. Happy belated Birthday Daniel!! You two make a cute couple ;)

  3. Is that a pear tarte tatin?? You lucky guy - for the tarte and your sweet Caroline. Happy Belated Birthday!