father's day ideas...

boxes and boxes of new things...this shipment is from sagaform: "one of the leading brands developing, distributing and marketing Nordic design. The company’s products are developed by leading designers based on genuine Swedish design tradition. A Sagaform product is an ideal gift – for someone else or yourself."

decanter with an oak stopper (this is one of our favourite tips a client told us about - you can leave this decanter out looking lovely and it won't get dusty inside because of the oak stopper!)

3 piece cocktail set

and these have always been a favourite, set of 6 whiskey glasses

just a few ideas, there's more to come...

p.s. if you need a father's day card come as soon as you can, they are flying out the door.


  1. Yes, these would be fab Dad's day presents. Actually, they'd be good presents for anyone at anytime!

  2. i love that decanter...i think i really just love that little oak stopper!

  3. As if drinking whisky doesn't make the room spin enough already!