no ordinary hummingbird feeder

he's done it again...just look how beautiful they are.

these hummingbird feeders are what design enthusiasts and hummingbird lovers have been waiting for: a modern, colorful, gorgeous feeder that attracts hummingbirds and looks beautiful in the backyard. the hummingbird feeders are finely handcrafted in durable stoneware and are available in six brilliant colors that feature a stamen in a complementary color that ensures your hummingbirds find the food source. each holds 1 1/2 cups of nectar (1 part sugar dissolved in 4 parts water). made in new york.

we've also restocked on the houses and feeders!

houses and feeders currently available in all the above colours. 

read more about their technical specifics from a prior blog post here:

a beautiful way to add a little more life to your garden or deck.

p.s. it's been a popular wedding/anniversary/housewarming choice.


  1. I shall be picking up a hummingbird feeder immediately. Do you have a few left? I hope? Please?

  2. very cute! we have a family that live her on the farm and they come back every year.