the paper comes down...

...and the sunlight came streaming in! we opened our doors saturday, february 14th and couldn't have asked for a better opening weekend. cambie is certainly breathing new life, new faces, new lamp standards and trees - we couldn't be happier to be a part of such a vibrant community. thank you to everyone (most especially our nearest and dearest) for helping us get to this point.
great photos hey? that's because gucio photography did them... , they would also fall under our nearest and dearest category.


  1. Welcome WALRUS. Cambie Village is excited to see your presence and pleasant personalities. I'll be coming back often. Hope you have also seen fellow bloggers at Vitamin Daily. You store is hot!

  2. we really couldn't go wrong with taking photos of such an amazing space! CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!! The shop is absolutely stunning!
    .. and thanks so much for the props!

  3. wow!! congrats, can't wait to come visit. found you through vancouver is awesome.

    all the best! :)

  4. thank you lyndsay, you're very kind. hope to meet you soon!
    xo c & d.