i'll tell you what time it is...

in italian too. 

made of silicone, available in 3 sizes, 15 colours, and with phosphoric hands ( i know you know that means 'glow in the dark', but i just thought i'd reassure you ; ) )   this modern and stylish watch will add a whole lot of sunshine to this dreary vancouver weather.
and if that's not enough, you can pop out the timepiece and buy a different colour band!

all of this goodness comes in a cute little can and prices just under $40.

oh and p.s. did i mention they are designed and MADE in italy?  yup.
p.p.s we're the first ones to have 'em in vancouver, not that that means much, but hey, we all like to be first sometimes right?


  1. i think i want the yellow one!

  2. I think my husband needs to buy me one of those. Actually, at that price I could bust out my wallet too. Trying to decide which colour will be tricky, but again, at that price. hmmm.

  3. i think you both love yellow! the more colours the harder the decision sometimes...

  4. Oh, I've been wanting a new watch for..well...about 9 years now. These may be my late birthday treat!!! Hmm, colour????

  5. Nothing wrong with being first :) They are fabulous! xx