New in Shop: The New Domestic

We are always proud to feature local talent in our store and were excited to bring in the new, 'Bon Journey Bag' from The New Domestic. The New Domestic is a Vancouver-based design studio run by the lovely Nerissa Goco and Peter Hoang.

The Bon Journey Bag is made by Heritage Leather Company in California using the same fabrication techniques and construction methods used for canvas tool bags and are hand-painted in graphic primary colours. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a trip to the beach!

Features: 12 oz cotton canvas, rivet fastened split leather handles, plated metal buckles, a water-resistant fibreboard bottom,  12 gauge rivet secured steel dowels at the top closure, and  little domed feet on the bottom.

The vibrant colour palette is inspiring some serious cravings for vitamin D.


  1. Very neat classic styled bag! It'd be great if you can include prices in your posts, I'd love to know how much they go for.

    1. thank you Tim! they retail for $90 and are so beautifully made...

  2. soooo freakin excited you carry these. am putting one on my bday list.

  3. Love these bags, I'm really into the primary colors at the moment!