new year's party?!

here are some last minute fabulous additions if you're hosting this year's New Year's bash!

stainless steel insert with indian rosewood on the outside makes this piece a classic addition to any party.

and what are those handsome hand carved things leaning up against the bucket?  muddlers.  why do you need a set of 3 muddlers?  well, for crushing mint, juicing and pressing (cucumbers, lemon/lime slices...) of course!
$58 for a set of 3

fun and festive, everyone can have their own colour!
$41.50 for a set of 4

after your done muddling, what about serving your cocktails in these lovely glass vessels? why have just any ol' ordinary jug, when you can have one of these?
drinking glasses $9.50 each, vessels starting at $37

merry christmas!

sorry, a day late.  we just want to take a moment out of the eating, drinking and sleeping festivities to thank everyone for making our first holiday season so wonderful.  we had no idea what to expect and are so grateful for how everything transpired.  so truly, a sincere thank you, and heartfelt wishes for a healthy, joyous and successful New Year to you and yours. 

xo walrus

p.s.  to our 'elves' of the season: mom, paul, anna, romel, devin, dar, denon, marina, james, jackie and amanda huynh who did an amazing job of adding to nathan and hali's concept window - seriously, because of your support, you make everything we do at the shop easier, thank you.

december 23rd, thank you UPS DRIVER!

we are so grateful for this order coming (although late) ... it's here!!  check it out for last minute fun ideas:

porcelain memorabilia charms $15 each - cute stocking stuffers!

creamer and can! 

tins of crayons, pencil crayons and calendar magnets!

come on people we're almost there, we'll help make your lives as easy as possible. 

december 21st, redmaloo

i know some of you have seen these in the shop already, but we just had to add them to our christmas countdown because they feel, look and function so well. 

iphone, blackberry or camera...

so smart, i can't tell you how much i dislike yanking the earphones out of my purse all tangled and messy - look how good this is!  both of the above models are available in several colours. starting at $34
sure you can store your cables, mouse, etc. in here, but wouldn't this make a cute clutch?
available in grey, lime and orange. $47

save yourself the tragedy of your new toy getting scratched, and include a case. 

sorry for the technical difficulties..

but we're back and we missed you. 

december 18th, forest silouhette votives & hurricanes

lit with a tea light or pillar (no lamps in stock), they add warmth and whimsy to any room. 
come on people last weekend before the big day!
$27 for the votive and $58 for the hurricane, beautiful all year round...

p.s. we have free gift wrapping, anything to make your lives easier xo.

december 17th, umbrellas anyone?

here at walrus, we think the snow is much prettier than all this rain, but when you have umbrellas that are this cute, it seems to lessen the grey
here's the 'nitty gritty' that make them that much better and smarter than some of the rest:  metal frames (most are aluminum) with fiberglass tips, 5 year warranty, locally designed, screen printed by hand and here's the kicker - the bag they come in inverts into a tote bag so you never have to forget your umbrella again or for those of you who are too afraid to put them into never have to leave a trail of water behind you again! (we like that idea...)

smart design really does make life kinder. 

$40 (p.s. the black one is sold out - sorry.)
december 16th, thermos mugs
they are designed by lovisa wattman and she aims to create forms that contribute to a satisfying whole, turning practicality into a thing of beauty.

they are available in two different designs: landscape or city. they are packaged in a set of 2 and retail
for $27.

december 14th and 15th, janaki larsen

"Larsen’s work is modern and minimalist in design and simple in form and content. She uses gentle lines as opposed to heavy detail and her pieces have a sense of majesty about them. “I love objects and especially ones with a previous history,” she comments. “I want my work to feel as if it has survived from another time, that perhaps they are made of something other than machines.” 

torpedo vases starting at $60

pitted bowls at $80

when a tealight is placed inside these beautiful bowls, they glow translucent
starting at $20

we're sure there's someone on your list who will enjoy any of these one-of-a-kind pieces!

december 12th and 13th, super sake set!

not a sake fan?  how about vodka or limoncello?  this lovely item comes with 6 little glasses, the pitcher, and a glass tube that you fill with water, add a dash of salt and place in the freezer.  once frozen, slip it in the pitcher and keep your drink of choice chilled....and did we mention it comes in this beautiful box?  yup. 

only $68 and 6 left. 

december 11th, randy randy!

you may remember our dear and talented friend randy...he's brought us some great new goodies!

all original artwork on each button, 1 for $3, 2 for $5, great stocking stuffers for your cool kids

all original artwork on cards!  only $7 each

all original drawings, framed, $325
give the gift of art and inspiration!

december 10th, monster plates

these have been a favourite since we opened.  beautiful classic blue patterns with a black glaze overlay, makes these monsters classic and somewhat elegant - not the descriptive words one would tend to use for Frankenstein and his Bride, Freddy, the Hunchback, or Dracula.

$50 a plate, made in germany

hung on the wall, or perhaps a dish full of holiday goodies, either way, we're sure the addition of these plates in your home will bring a smile to your face!

december 9th, ilio fragrances

think these are only good for the women in your life?  don't forget about your single brother/friend...who, when you walk into their home, they have that faint (or overwhelming) scent of stale socks or leftover pizza in their place.  toss out their febreeze, these are perfect and trust me, they wouldn't think of buying it for themselves! they need your help...and they wonder why they're still single...

these diffusers are available in festive scents - winter fir and cranberry clove
the bottles are simple and the scents are some of the best we've ever smelled...
$44 for a set of 2

new to ilio are these soy candles! delicious fragrances, has a cleaner, safer burn, soy is a renewable resource, has a better scent throw, burns 30% - 50% longer, and is made in the States
$22.50 (40 hour burn time)

scout magazine's 'shopaholiblog!'

thank you michelle, of scout magazine for including us as part of your 'shopaholiblog' picks!  check it out at

if you haven't heard of these guys, here's their dealio:  "Scout is wholly independent and made-in-Vancouver by a handful of genuinely nice people who mean extremely well. It also harms no trees when it goes to print, and smells like cinnamon and cloves.Our main objective is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit." 

december 8th, sagaform
we love this swedish company (no, it's not ikea) for all their beautiful and functional designs.

these wobbly glasses are great for any whiskey or scotch lover and they retail for $30 for a set of 6!

celebrate the holidays in style with these hand-blown champage glasses. They are available in a set of 2 (pink/green or blue/orange) for $27 per set. they are designed by matz borgstrom and he has designed several popular products for a range of major swedish design producers. he has also run several music clubs (hence the name and colours) and has been a DJ. he's glass line is called "club" and we carry most of them.

december 7th, broken english *new pieces

for those of you who are familiar with broken english's whimsical paper airplane necklaces, combs, chipped teacups, needle & shotgun, meet their newest additions of 'fantasticalness' (yeah, yeah, i've been known to make words up)....

the hound mask hangs upside down (in their signature oxidized silver finish) while this fetching antiqued bronzed fox stole hangs pinched at its midsection. $125 each

that's a fox's paw on the left, and check out this sly fox on the right.  hmmm...just in time for all the 'fantastic mr. fox' fans that are sure to be coming.  $75 and $125

all hanging on a 30" chain, we're sure you know someone in your life who will covet these.

december 6th, inscription vase

this has been a shop favourite since day 1.  glass vases coated with a writeable varnish, they come with chalk and a sponge!  perfect for a kitchen table/counter, mantle, entrance - beautiful and playful at the same time.  any lady in your life will LOVE this.  and don't forget to personalize it before wrapping it...

square $155, round $135
made in germany and comes in a lovely white box

a holiday invitation...

dear friends and family,

we invite you to join us this weekend to enjoy some holiday refreshments and goodies!

saturday, december 5th from 10am—5pm
sunday december 6th from 12pm—5pm

as we’ve heard, the Food Bank is in dire need this year, so please bring in an item to donate and to thank you for your generosity, receive 10% off everything in the shop no matter how big or small! (*please note artwork and books do not apply).

we have some wonderful new things in the shop at a variety of price points, so we hope to see you here!

xo caroline and daniel

december 4th, stansborough scarves, toques and wraps

this 'stransborough grey' flock of sheep are the only flock in the world; a result of of many years of selective breeding and hard work.  there are also alpacas on the farm whose fibre adds warmth and variety to many of the end products.  the eldridge's (owners of the company) personally attend to the shearing, hand sorting and grading of the fleece of each animal.  after the fleece has been professionally spun, the yarn is then woven at their own small weaving mill in wellington, new zealand. 

honestly people, these are the most beautiful woven pieces we've seen - AMAZING quality and lineage.  limited quantity, so now's a good time. 
perfect for mother, father, brother, sister...  really. 
december 3rd, adam frank
we love adam frank's shadow lights and they are perfect for all those long winter nights.

"Lumen throws a soft shadow on the wall when lit. As the flame flickers the shadow moves about organically.
Lumen is an original series designed by Adam Frank, an internationally recognized artist and inventor.
Lumen is American made with stainless steel and a soft base to prevent scratching sensitive surfaces.
Lumen is a novel modern gift for all upcoming holidays and events."
we have all his designs in stock right now but they move fast! the Lumen light sells for $66 and of course we stock the refills as well ($9 for a set of two).

december 2nd, ms. claire madill

this spunky vancouver gal is a 2007 emily carr graduate and we've been eyeing her ceramics since we saw them on our friend's counter over a year ago.  they are beeeaauaautifullll.....these pictures don't do them justice.

"claire is finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places — the underside of a glass pickle dish, for example — she takes textures and forms and translates them into porcelain so they can be appreciated in another way."

glazed on the inside, they are perfect for flowers, inspiring for paintbrushes, or as our friend '' does - for that glass of 'special juice'!  honestly they are a perfect addition for any ceramic or vintage lover. 

if you like the jars, you'll love her jewellery....prices ranging from $45 - $85.