local bling? gift ideas #5.

here we go again, boasting about our local talent. here are a few beautiful options for that person in your life who could always do with some added bling. 

hand stitched, leather wraps with sterling silver clasps

glass beaded bracelets and necklace with sterling silver tips. no 2 are alike!

god's eyes with sterling silver chains

portrait pendant of Sandford Fleming. walnut, oxidized silver, and gold finish....

Agnes Macphail, Walt Whitman (available in cufflinks as well), Emily Bronte, Jane Austen and Secretariat (first Canadian horse to win the Kentucky Derby).  perfect for the literary type/history buff..

brand new in store - beautiful gold fill earrings and necklaces, handmade of clay

sterling silver 'paper' airlplanes

gold plated 'more than words can say' and 'la place' series (longitude and latitude of big cities!)

loads more in store....xo

bike lover? gift ideas #4.

handmade in the UK, by a lovely P.E. teacher who teaches kids how to care for their bikes.  she cycles around London picking up recycled inner tube and outer tire tread, brings them back to the kitchen table and makes them all by hand.

handmade in Amsterdam, these beautiful inner tube tire bags are lined with colourful felt. 

and if none of that works, these 2 books are approved by our 'cycling' clients!

of course our handmade 'party' lock/family lock.  finding it challenging to transport?  this is the ideal lock to lock up multiple bikes in your shed, or storage space!

and this bike light?  ideal accessory for that 'hipster' cyclist in your crew.

liquor lover? gift ideas #3.

yup. we've got 'em too.  whiskey stones. i love their tag line 'ice melts, whiskey rocks'.  milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US. add three chilled stones to your next dram, let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy. set of 9 stones + muslin storage bag. "some drinks need no diluting."

whiskey not their/your thing? how about sake or vodka?  this beautiful set made O magazine's editor's top picks list...you can see why...

wine?   the glass structure is topped by an elegantly sparse oak sphere that protects the liquid inside from oxygen.
stelton is still one our favourites.  classic, handsome, and timeless.  stainless steel corkscrew and bottle opener.

what we love about this cocktail shaker is that you can get more than one drink out of it!  less time shaking, more time drinking and enjoying the festivities!

this 3 piece cocktail set comes with a muddler, a juicer and the mixing cup

and back to whiskey..how about this 6 piece rocking set?

and lastly, wine tags.  3 styles now in stock.  perfect hostess gift!

a new year, a fresh crisp new calendar. gift idea #2.

if you haven't figured it out already, we love our local creative peeps. 

calendar A: clean, simple, sharp and crisp.  beautiful, no?

17" x 22"
offset printed black on natural 80lb text weight paper

8 1/2" x 11"
hand bound. consists of 13 sheets, grey ink on natural 130lb weight card stock.

proudly made by our city's own mr. carlo brito
p.s. did i mention he also used to play for the filipino pro basketball team?  : )

calendar B:  sweet, colourful, & kinda cheeky!

16 3/8" x 5"

classy version of your typical 'boy' calendar.  there's got to be a man in your life for this one!

limited edition! great to mail out to remind your loved ones why our city is so great.

4" x 5.5"
comes with its own wooden stand.

again proudly made by our city's own, harmony cheung.

practical and beautiful gift idea #1.

let's face it. on days like this, why carry a boring ol' umbrella that's going to turn itself inside out on these blustery days?  well ms. estella lum of our fine city asked herself the same question:  "Standing amongst a sea of black umbrellas under dark heavy clouds, it dawned on her that through design and colour, dreary days can be brightened."  and look what she came up with!

  • Multi-functional pouch folds out into a carrier bag.
  • Original prints screen-printed by hand.
  • Designed in Vancouver, Canada and ethically manufactured with fair labour and wages.
  • Bright and Beautiful patterns
  • One more thing to love:  windproof!!
we have both the mini tuff and the classic in stock
starting at $35