time for tourists or to be a tourist...

when you have these great books on hand, kind of makes you want to be a tourist.  only their second edition, these eat.shop books focus entirely on independently owned shops and eating establishments

we've got montreal too, with portland and san francisco coming. 
really, we need people like this, rooting for the underdogs in the world of big box shops
so, thank you kaie wellman for being so inspired to create these books. she's got a great story, so if you have a moment, here's the link: http://eatshopguides.com/about/

an invitation...

to get a sneak peek of scott's work, please visit:  http://sradnidge.com/
don't reach for your spectacles, please just double click on the image to read the invite details!

thursday, february 4th from 6 - 9pm

xo caroline and daniel

all drawings are very special and available at once.  come by and spend some time looking at these characters, maybe one will want to come home with you to keep you company on these long lonely nights....