Easter Eggs are here! Beta 5, Egglings, and J Schatz Design

We're eggs-static about what we have in store for Easter.

Beautiful pastel colored chocolate eggs from Beta5, delicately layered white and dark chocolate shells filled with delicious chocolate covered cherries, hazelnuts, pistachios, puffed cereal or marcona almonds. Watch their super cute stop-motion video to see what's inside here:

Sold individually or by the half dozen, come and get'em while they last!

For a sugar free Easter treat, we also have Eggling crack & grow plant kits. Made from a porous white ceramic and pre-filled with a nutritious peat mixture, just gently crack its top, plant the seeds provided, water, place in a sunny spot, and sit back to watch your little hatchling grow.

Mint, Basil or Daisy Egglings are available for your favorite chef, gardener or easter egg hunter.

Other eggs-iting things for Spring in store include colorful Egg Bird Houses and Egg Bird Feeders designed and handcrafted by Jim Schatz in New York.

Egg Bird Feeders are durable, squirrel proof and carefully designed to make them easy to use.
The Egg Bird Houses will attract smaller birds, chickadees and wrens.

To quote J Schatz on his design practice:

"Jim Schatz designs and handcrafts products from the inside out to make common things in a wonderfully unique and innovative way. He gets meaningful results because it involves him completely.
Jim turns his life inside out quite frequently to see clearly and make things that work. Over the past few years it has been about eggs, then light and eggs, then birds, then birds and eggs and food, then birds and eggs and houses...you get the picture."

As you can see we are getting a little egg obsessed over here too. :)

heyday design is back...

and she has some lovely new designs! we just adore the new ceramic baskets.

the medium size baskets have a glazed rim as well, so you can use them as drinking cup

and we also have all her beautiful jars in stock again. the inside and rims are all glazed, so go ahead and use them as a vase, drink out of them and they look good on any coffee table or bookshelf.

also new in stock, her small diamond and porcelain triangle studs.

good things, good people.

we've been meaning to share what some good people have been up to in our city.  and with spring coming, we thought it only fitting to start imagining outdoor spaces.


considered design. bespoke landscape architecture.

the good people at aloe designs are starting a series of gardening related workshops: 

first one's this sunday, march 25th.  for more infomation, please visit: http://www.nestingjournal.com/ , there are still a few spots left!

unrelated to gardening, but still related to good people, have you checked out the Cascade Company's newest family member, the Union Bar?  these guys always manage to get it just right.  evoke has done another stand up job with the interior.  every detail, so good.

daniel and i managed to grab a few bites and a drink earlier this month, and the energy of that place keeps calling us back for more. don't just take our word for it, it was included in wallpaper*'s february travel news, 
as well as this week's vancouver sun.  take note of the backlit cabinets while you're there - photos were done by our talented friend, janis nicolay, and the reclaimed wood wall, by her lovely husband, robert edmonds. 

i think it's time for a drink...cheers. 

new in shop: wolves kill sheep tees.

the hunt for a solid t-shirt line has been on for a while now, so when a good old friend mine introduced us to wolves kill sheep...the hunt was over.

noriko + elvis, partners in life and business. good people.  
'pista wolf' by elvis segarich 
'trick bike' by elvis segarich 
'karl' by chubbmo 
'tree mtn' by ignacio villanueva 
'i was a hipster' by teddy kelly

'buy low' by ryan riss 
their studio/showroom in downtown LA

the fable:
"The story of the wolf has many strange tales and myths dating back thousands of years...
Anyways, that doesn't have anything to do with Wolves Kill Sheep clothing line, not one bit. The name has a nice ring to it, and so it is. The real story behind the beast goes something like this …

Wolves Kill Sheep set out to prove that high quality products can still be made right here in Downtown Los Angeles, with artwork showcased on our custom made blanks by hand picked artists. From fabrics to tailors and labels to trims, all of it, produced right here in our backyard, the way it should be.

We select artists whose creative style not only fit today’s market, but will also be just as relevant in the future. The artists we select may change from season to season, but the integrity of the art and quality of our products will never change."

for a more in depth interview: http://www.humanpyramids.net/features/wks.html

welcome to the 'pack' WKS.  we're thrilled to have you in canada.

new in store: socks.

we love a good pair of socks.  and if we were going to bring any in, they would have to be pretty great.

kids 'old bone socks'

"Founded in 2010, INSTANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, INSTANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. INSTANCE has paired pro-athletes, artists and story-tellers from around the world that embody their own spirit of individuality and self-expression. Punks, poets and personalities whose feats inspire bold individuality. Collectively, they catalyze the pursuit of creative expression as both a worthy destination and a way of life. From free-thinkers Jason Jessee and ‘the Lizard King’ to riders Andrew Reynolds and Mikey Leblanc, to artists Russ Pope and Don Pendleton, INSTANCE has gathered together a group of connoisseurs who show talent, attitude and energy." 

available in store: kids, ankle high, and more. starting at $8. 

give it up for the "uncommon thread" 

new jewellery with a bit of magic

when ms. simek showed us her jewellery in person, we were enchanted.  the quality, care and whimsy she takes with each piece is quite something.

real pussy willow buds carefully attach to oxidized silver chains like silent wind chimes...

single or double eyelash necklaces (sterling silver chains only in store)

"lined with 23k gold leaf, this speckled quail egg necklace casts a warm glow from within. pendant hangs from 18 inch, 14 karat gold chain. made from actual japanese quail eggs.  seemingly delicate, the entire shell has been coated in resin for strength."

"the illuminated sea cookie pin mixes underwater wonders and light to add a little spark(le) to your wardrobe! the sea cookie, a member of the sand dollar family, is back lit by a white LED. When turned on, the light illuminates all of the creature’s natural patterns and intricacies. this pin is approximately 1 inch in diameter and comes with 3 sets of replaceable batteries."

'honeymoon'. "light & refreshing, like a cup of tea.  inside this sea urchin shell is an organic perfume made from grapefruit & basil essential oils.  this bottle is refillable, so you can use it over and over.  it's packaged in a wooden box decorated with a satin photograph and padded with slices of exfoliating loofah sponges.  includes an atomizer pump for tabletop use.  this fragrance is all-natural.  it is made from plant-based oils and contains no alcohol or chemicals"

handmade in portland, oregon.  
welcome to walrus ms. simek.