"the bowling arm...

... is a fashion accessory made with the red and white leather remnants from Australian cricket balls. Each leather ring is different because of the manufacturing process, a combination of the machine and the hand. The rings will stretch to fit different wrist sizes and acquire character from wear. Bowling Arm®is a simple idea – it is about making something nothing. It supports the design and production of sustainable product ideas and embraces the joy of storytelling."

red for outdoor cricket playing...

white for indoor cricket playing.
environmentally conscious fashion accessories don't have to be ugly.
p.s. they're not just for the ladies, the gents look hot in them too.

drawing on vancouver photos...(show's up until december 24)

daniel with the lovely guylaine rondeau

randy and caroline enjoying the phillips beer

steven of cause + affect (thank you for representing at last night's pecha kucha!)

mr. hamada of boooooom.com

the beautiful work of ben tour

super delicious cookies courtesy of caroline's mom

taking in the artwork by hanahlie beise

all photos generously provided by the wonderfully talented kasia of gucio photography - check them out if you haven't already, really. (they not only do weddings, but fun corporate shots and stunning boudoir sessions...hmmm...christmas gift for someone special?)

xo caroline and daniel

thank you! thank you!

what an amazing night.  so many people to thank...bob k, from vancouver is awesome, jeff hamada from booooooom.com, scott, paul, jackie, leighann from oliver and lillys, kasia from gucio photography, my dear mom who refused to let me buy cookies and starting baking when i left that morning, robert chaplin who did book readings throughout the night, to all the incredibly talented artists (*andrew pommier, pete taylor, robert chaplin and randy laybourne for being in attendance) and of course to mr. randy laybourne for putting this all together.  we look forward to many more events to come...

pictures coming!

tonight tonight!!!

come and see what a lovely new window the talented industrial designer nathan martell and hali wong have done!  thank you guys for all your hard work and whimsical window.  please check them out at

so much great work.  really, really, really great.  see ya here!

p.s. phillips beer is also a sponsor. 

drawing on vancouver - pt. 3 (by randy laybourne)

"Vancouver just has too much to see and do, even in the rain. The drawings I did for the show feed off images and the environment of this city. As I was working on the pieces (that you can see at the show), I had a few printouts of pics I took while roaming around. Along with photos, I did a couple sketches of stuff related to Vancouver.

For one of the pieces, I drew a market similar to the one pictured.

Houses with nice detailing.

Totems seem to be everywhere in this city.

I haven't been to the top of Harbour Centre since I was about 8 years old but it is still a great landmark.

Another view of the Harbour Centre.

The blue house in North Van has a new owner and I hope they keep it blue.

One of the sketches I did specifically for the work in Drawing On Vancouver.

More sketches for Drawing On.

Just a bit of the inspiration that helped me do the drawings for Drawing On Vancouver"

Randy is one of the most professional and passionate artists I've met, (while still being easygoing).  He practices his craft daily and it shows...I had a conversation with Eames Demetrios once (the grandson of the Eames') and his whole deal was to 'take your joy seriously', and whenever Randy visits, I'm reminded of that sentiment...

randy laybourne: http://lookforwardtothepast.wordpress.com/

walrus meets the missing goat...

missing goat jams and chutneys are made with fruits grown on the lovely miss Heather Cameron's farm. her fruits are grown without herbicides or pesticides and are organically fertilized. she uses slow cook, small batch methods, giving you more fruit, less sugar. her products are free of artificial preservatives and additives, so not only are they packaged beautifully, they taste exactly how you'd hope they taste; pure, simple and delightful.
want to know what the missing goat is all about?  read more here: http://www.missinggoat.com/products.html
and Heather Cameron?  her and her dear friend Janis Nicolay are like M. Stewart - only MUCH better, see for yourself...http://heathercameronstylist.blogspot.com/ and http://pineconecamp.blogspot.com/ .

drawing on vancouver pt. 2 (from randy)

For Drawing On Vancouver, a few guest artists (folks that don't live in Vancouver) are sending in some art inspired by this great city.

Porous Walker of course sent more than just a couple drawings. Anyone that has had a random package from Porous, knows to expect the very unexpected.

a rare glimpse of the artist himself. read more about him here:  http://owltooth.com/

bringing bruxe

straight out of montreal...

nice alternatives to the everyday right?  the details and inside pockets are good too.  come and see!

an invitation...

...for you.  it's going to be a good one and we hope to see you here!  just look at this roll call. 

Show Statement: Vancouver is awesome and the artists that live here are an amazing and hard working bunch. The neighbourhoods, people and environment of this city create a place where one can gather inspiration on a simple walk down the street. This show gathers a few locals and a couple outsiders to celebrate Vancouver through drawing. A drawing can be as simple as a sketch done in seconds or can take months of detail and labour. They are more than just the pre-planning process of a larger work. Drawings can have a looseness that give a greater feeling of immediacy.

thanks to randy laybourne,(lookforwardtothepast.com) for curating, jeff hamada (boooooom.com) for the invite, and vancouver is awesome (vancouverisawesome.com) for sponsoring.