what have you been up to this summer?

i finally discovered bc's very own wine country in the osoyoos, oliver and naramata bench area.

snapshot of hope - remember? where Rambo First Blood was filmed? 

took highway 5 on the way up and highway 3 on the way home.  the latter was a much more scenic route, but a little windier for those sensitive tummies.

the similkameen river looked beautiful, lots of people taking their time, tubing down the river

we stayed at the lake gallagher campsite - clean, hot showers and a pristine lake to cool off on those hot okanagan days...

spent a couple of hours at the nk'mip cultural centre - gorgeous building!  

now we're talkin'....

on the way up to naramata, we stopped off at the Poplar Grove winery...had to be one of my favourites we visited - came away with a perfect Pinot Gris and Rose. 
*if you follow your GPS, it will take you too far, they have a great new building that's about 2km away from what the GPS will tell you!

ahhh, the naramata bench. so beautiful.  they have a wednesday market at wharf park - crazy delicious Aussie Pie stand. 

on a friend's recommendation, we visited this lovely little winery, Marichel.  warm and welcoming, we picked up a viognier and syrah.

if you can, bring your bikes up! was a beautiful ride along the water.  http://www.kettlevalleyrailtrail.com/ or http://www.kettlevalleyrailway.ca/.  little product plug - the fjallraven military pack, native shoes and our stanley thermos were the perfect companions..

excellent service at Hester Creek, (say 'hi' to Larry if you go) beautiful grounds and a delicious bottle of trebbiano (now sold out) and pinot gris to come home with...

service was top notch! friends dined at the restaurant, Miradoro and had nothing but glowing reviews.

how we spent the evenings...

...how we woke up in the morning. to this lovely old man, perched on his front step, playing his accordian.

i hadn't been horseback riding in years! this is a family run stable, just by oliver.  an hour ride up the mountainside and back down again.  let's just say, i'm glad we did a lot of cycling first to get my butt sorted before going horseback riding. 

if you're ever in oliver, please say hello to Sylvia, the owner of Medicis for us.  we love it here.  home made gelato with mostly locally sourced fruit, delicious paninis, soups and salads.  my favourite? the affogato - oh man, a little slice of heaven.  i chose a caramel gelato, topped with their espresso....well worth the trip.  

there was so much more to see and do, if you get a chance to get up there, i highly recommend it.  151 wineries in the okanagan with at least 1 more opening a year!

happy summer!

new and back in stock!

We just received some new items as well as some returning favourites...

Lovely new colours of bkr glass bottles in store! They are a great way to stay hydrated given the gorgeous weather we have had. 

bkr - bottles ($29.50)

"We are bkr people. What we carry reflects who we are and what we find beautiful. We don't eat things we can't pronounce or marinate our water in polyethylene terephthalate. We do not accept logic like: leaching chemicals in our drinking water, awkward shaped mouthpieces during our workouts, or an island made of plastic with a 700-year zero-interest lease on development. On our way out the door it's always bkr with the keys and wallet. And we believe that style is part of the equation. bkr = clean design, clean body, clean earth. All clean everything."

paper pots - made and designed in japan.  

Finally, a refreshing change for tissue paper cases..With its cute shape and useful functions, this revolutionary Paper Pot can surely add a new twist to your room decors.

Designed to be used for both toilet paper and tissue paper. Place one anywhere you can think of...Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, Kid's room..etc.  A great House Warming Party Gift!  Winner of 2008 Japan Good Design Award.

the always popular eco-cans are back too.  all but the green are in stock now.

ECO-friendly, portable and reusable drinking bottle!
"It is made from a material called, Poly-Lactic Acid or PLA.
PLA comes from natural corn starch; an Eco-friendly material that uses renewable resource. The well-sealed lid prevents the contents from leaking. Also, thermal double wall design allows for use with both hot and cold beverages.
- BPA Free
- Dishwasher safe
- Microwave safe
- Temp. -20℃ / +110℃ (-4F/+230F)
Winner of iF Design Award China 2010

armed notebooks

don't be alarmed, the intention behind the design is a good one:
"Here, weapons which may typically be viewed as symbols of violence are converted to tools for peace. Our creativity and knowledge expressed through words and sketches are the best means to get our points across, not through force and/or violence - a strong message conveyed by the designer."

hope you're all enjoying the warmth here in our city as much as we are!