thank you.

Thank you for celebrating our second event with us! Great music,
people, beer and design—not a bad way to spend a summer evening…

Of course the evening wouldn’t have happened without the brilliant minds of broken english, ko jubilo, the gucio girls and vancouver slop, thank you. If you missed out, we invite you to come by the shop to see what they’ve come up with and who they are in our city.

Special thanks goes to Devin, Jackie, Amy, Scott, Toolbox, Jonathan, Connie and Bob of Peroni for helping make the evening such a success.

xo Caroline and Daniel

photos courtesy of gucio photography

we're having another event!

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we think it's a great way to celebrate summer and hope to see you here!
music provided by jonathan igharas.

konichiwa & mabuhay!

funny when you go on a trip...everyone has a story to share or advice to give - whether good or bad. kind of like when you're pregnant - you become this beacon for total strangers to just come up and give any and all advice whether you want it or not. in both instances, i know they have your best interest in mind, but i say - take it all with a grain of salt because every experience will be your own. similar or not, it will never be the same as others. as my trip comes to a quick close, i'm definitely inspired by all i've seen and experienced. we're coming back with a few finds i hope to share with you over the next couple of months. in the meantime, here are a few snapshots (first japan then the philippines), i hope you enjoy!

vancouver mag city guide 2009/2010

cambie village is back on the map! wahoo!
please double click on all the articles to enlarge and read. thank you!

vancouver magazine - double issue july/aug 2009

a little (actually a lot) uncomfortable for us, this 8am photo shoot... but thank goodness amanda skuse ( made us laugh! this gave us a whole new respect for all those ANTM prospects! we'll be sticking with our day jobs, that's for sure....
thank you to everyone at vancouver magazine, you guys have been amazing.

looky loulou! june 2009

thank you seema for spotting us!