now that's how we kick off the new year.

thank you so much to everyone for coming out to celebrate the slop press website launch with us. we couldn't have asked for a better way to start the year; good food, good drink, good people, good music.  thank you. 

check out these hot aprons.. now in stock, only $20 a piece.

bear flag wine.

Re Up BBQ Crew
re-up bbq crew. i think i need another hit already...

Roaming Dragon Crew
love these roaming dragon guys.

Roaming Dragon at work



Roaming Dragon Food Truck

so happy to have these brothers only a couple of doors down..see why?

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese

Benton Brothers

spot tea. definitely hits the spot, especially on nights like this.

slop press founders, joe chan and matthew miyagawa.


Slop Press Launch At Walrus

we had steamy windows all night long...

some people asked us - what's this all about?  it's about celebrating good people in this fine city and spreading the word about who they are and what they do.  we loved having all these talented, hard working people under our little roof - huge part of our shop, always has been and always will be.  thank you for joining us and keeping it alive.

xo bear flag wines, benton brothers fine cheese, blank communications, carlo brito, hagensborg chocolate, nando's, re-up bbq, roaming dragon, and of course slop press. xo

tonight's the night

these guys, along with tonight's sponsors have been working hard to make the celebration extra special.  we hope you can join us!

so excited this dragon's roaming our way...

we have heard nothing but good things about this food truck and the team who created it. i think the photos, courtesy of joe from slop press, speak for themselves, don't you?

and if you still need more info after all those delicious photos, read up on vancouver slop of course:  vancouver slop

check them out online and sign up for their newsletter!

yes...look out for this dragon parked out front thursday night....

bbq, cheese and now chocolate...

...this is some serious goodness.  thank you to hagensborg chocolate for being a sweet sponsor for thursday night's launch party.  we admit, we've never tried these 'fairytale' treats, but love how passionate shelley wallace is about what she's created and how much fun she's having doing it. 

here's her fairytale story come true:

"In 2004, my first year in the chocolate business after leaving the Four Seasons Hotel, I read a quote by William Feather that changed my life. The quote read as follows, “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” ...What I didn’t realize at the time was that this quote would become the definition of my entrepreneurial spirit...only the finest European ingredients have been master crafted and sold throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. Major department stores, specialty grocery chains
This year felt even more successful because I was able to fulfill my dream of going to Paris and train with one of the World’s most amazing Chocolatiers.

can't wait to try them on thursday!

neighbourly love

we couldn't have been happier when we got wind that the Benton Brothers were moving in just a few doors down from the shop.  they do a beautiful job of merchandising and selecting a variety of fine cheeses to offer their clientele... 

"When we opened our doors in 2007 we had a simple goal: to help Vancouverites discover real cheese! Today, we bring an ever-changing variety of handcrafted, artisanal, small production cheeses to Vancouver, celebrating the work of producers and cheese-makers who are as passionate about making cheese as we are about selling it. We don’t just appreciate what the cheese-makers we work with do, we believe that their cheese simply tastes better and so will you."

we are grateful that they will be here to share their fine cheeses and expertise with all of us on thursday - come, learn, and taste something new! 

these fine men offer fresh sandwiches daily and will be doing events throughout the year, so check them out in person or sign up to receive their newsletter so you don't miss out:


coming on thursday?  no? too bad for you....

these guys along with Roaming Dragon have set the bar high for food carts in the city.  here's what Joe from Slop Press had to say about them:

"Re Up, the new Southern barbecue cart behind the Vancouver Art Gallery, is a great example of how one type of food can become a lifestyle. When you ponder the worship people lavish on barbecue, it’s no surprise that a guy like Chester Carey can devote his life towards smoking meats and beer (Carey is a cicerone – a sommelier for beer – and teaches the Serious Beer course at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts), and you can taste that level of sacrifice in their pulled pork sandwich."

check out these good people:  The Re-Up BBQ and hopefully you'll be one of the privileged to get a taste of this goodness on thursday. 

first event of 2011

if there's another love we have - it's food. 

"Slop Press is an outgrowth of Vancouver Slop but without the geographic constraints. Expect recipes, food trends, food science and all things that you want to hear about related to food.
Join us at the shop on January 20, 2011 for a drink, some snacks and a good hang..."

...and you know us, we're always up for all those things and combined with a great collaboration - we're in.  2011, i think we're off to a good start, wouldn't you say?

we hope to see you here to help us kick off the new year!

xo daniel and caroline


you know what i love about these guys?  they have an idea and they get it done.  not only do they get it done, but they get it done in an earnest way.  here's the deal:

'Breaking Bread Sessions is a series of podcasts where Matt and Vince have a meal with an individual that is in the creative field. The conversations are taped giving the listener an opportunity to be a fly on the wall to gain insight on how that creative person ticks. We were influenced by Adrian Shaughnessy's, except we substituted music for food and we're not as classy. We are unapologetic about the sound quality and we welcome the interruptions during the interview. Enjoy.'

my take is that these podcasts are great to listen to while i'm working on the computer, cleaning the house...etc.  
fast forward, rewind...take it as you will.  they've got a great line up. 

consider this part I of an introduction to mr. miyagawa. 


please click the '2010' to see our year in review...thank you. thank you. thank you.

p.s. if you click on 'detail' it will give you a rundown on what was happening...