IDS West this show has evolved quite a bit since the 'decorate vancouver' days. we saw new faces and friendly old faces (old as in we go back, not that they themselves are old!).
good ol' brent comber is one of them. it does surprise me when vancouverites don't know who he is - he's like the reclaimed wood he works with; from vancouver, strong and steady, yet gentle and kind. what can i say? i'm a fan.
listening intently as nathan over at contexture design gave us the full story. great guys with great work!

another old friend mr. peter chen of casika modern was there showing his wares - good to see you peter!

famished and thirsty, we were done...until next year!

welcome lovegrove + repucci...

we're so glad you arrived safely.

"The design collaborative of Lovegrove & Repucci was formed by Nicholas Lovegrove and Demian Repucci in 2003. Their unique brand of design sensibility is a product of combined experience living and working in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.
Lovegrove & Repucci's work focuses on the emotional response and experiential relationships created through contact with the designed environment."
"The classic tradition of Dutch Delft craftsmanship hits the streets of New York City. Presenting the ‘New York Delft’ Porcelain dinnerware collection. Each place setting is made of fine porcelain and has five pieces"...loooovvvee.
this shopper may looked like a grenade once all tucked away, but they like to call it a 'greenaid' - clever.
this leather 'saint bag' has a "Saintly ring attached to a red cord to always keep things close by."

we think it's all pretty great and hope you do too...