western living april edition

we have to shamelessly admit, it's kinda nice being in print. thank you western living!

sorry, i couldn't upload the pdf's so i had to take these dismal photos. if you'd like to read the article, you can find western living throughout the city.

*a couple of things to note about the article: photo credits go to gucio photography and our phone number should read 604.874.9770 (we'd hate for you to call the 9776 listed as it's our fax, and no one enjoys the screeching in the ear, unless you do, in which case...go nuts.)

internal error.

so i've been trying and trying to get some new photos up, but to no avail! so, if anyone has any suggestions to get this fixed, help....'this image could not be uploaded due to an internal error'.
i guess you'll just have to come in and see the shop old fashioned way...in person. (at least until this gets sorted).
p.s. i'm using mozilla

haute note

..."Because despite the current obsession with electronic communication, we believe that some messages still deserve special delivery—and for these we'll take a mailbox over an inbox any day."
"Haute Note products ... showcase original artwork by a variety of talented international designers. Cards and envelopes are designed and printed in Canada, on 100lb. textured stock, and packaged in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper (http://www.fsc.org/)."

we love the simplicity of their design and the ladies behind them...and apparently so do you! completely made in vancouver and hard to keep in stock, we're glad they're back on our shelves.

another love.

if there's another thing daniel and i share a passion for, it's food. in fact, before walrus came to be, we were going to open up a euro style cafe...then we realized, we're not chefs. let's leave it to the people who actually know what they're doing.

here's a great food blog in case you haven't already heard of it: http://www.vancouverslop.com/

check it out and enjoy.

introducing library editions...

...brought to you by scott hawthorn and robert chaplin over a beverage or two or three... at the fine establishment called salt. if you've never had the adventure of meeting robert, well, let walrus be the first to introduce you next month (more details to come). it is with great pleasure that we now have in our possession, the first three books of the library editions' 'books for adults of all ages'. and we mean just that. they are fantastically not your usual 'young adult' book and we're excited to have them here.
*fun neighbourhood connection - the first book, titled 'delicious chicken soup' is written by chef andrey durbach, (ghost written by robert chaplin) - the executive chef to pied-a-terre, which happens to be right across the street from walrus. *

easter weekend

please note our holiday weekend hours

good friday april 11, 12 - 5
saturday april 12, 10 - 5
easter sunday april 13, 12 - 5
easter monday april 14, closed

thank you and have a great long weekend!

xo walrus

meet wayne. (on the right)

he's doing goods things and we want to help. he describes himself as a 'retired guy doing things he loves in his retirement years'. here is one reason we think he is so great: his goal is to raise $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity through his tangrams. what are tangrams? ancient chinese puzzles that are harder than they look! walrus wants to support him in reaching his goal - we've only got 10 in stock and 80% of sales goes directly to Habitat. $25 for a handmade wooden puzzle that's for an excellent cause? we should all have one.
what's Habitat up to in our part of the world? building townhomes in Burnaby among other good things. Let's do our part and help! want to learn more about Habitat? please do at http://www.vancouverhabitat.bc.ca/