welcome, COATT

beautifully handmade by this family run design studio in Portland, these gold dots and dashes spell out words and phrases in morse code.  often it's the simple, yet clever, that captures our eye and this sums that up quite perfectly.  for the Coagans and Scharlatts, this is their labour of love....thank you.  we love your labour  ; )

currently available in the shop with grey and red silk cords, we have both the necklaces and the bracelets.  words such as; sos, friend, love, vancouver, carpe diem, forever, yes, and something.

in time for that lovey dovey day coming up in a couple of weeks...

2011 in review

WALRUS 2011 in review from caroline on Vimeo.

i love making these 'recaps' of the year...makes us feel a little sentimental with a fresh dash of excitement for the year ahead. collaborating and celebrating art + design with all of you, it's what we're about. thank you for being part of our WALRUS community. xo

artist roll for 2011:
slop press
klee larsen
jaime siu (macarons)
fei disbrow + monica berdin
nicole milkovich
robert edmonds
jewellery trunk show: aysen bozyigit, faire by keiko lee-hem, hk + np studio, henderson dry goods, hilliard design, monica berdin, lemon park, stranger things millinery

special thanks to ryan savella, daniel king, ryan nussbacher, and julian hecht for the photos.

*music by 'the drums'

new year, new deal.

we have to make room for the Spring/Summer Natives that are coming soon! 
what does that mean for you?...40% off all remaining Fall/Winter stock
we don't mess about. 
we have kids Fitzsimmons, adult Jimmys, and adult Fitzsimmons.  limited sizes. 

spring...here we come.