beautiful new goods arrived...

from BILLYKIRK, all the way from Pennsylvania. Chris and Kirk have worked under a 3rd generation leather makers for 3 years and then opened their own studio. All their leather is vegetable dyed, hand crafted and treated with natural oils and beeswax. They will age beautiful over the years as well!

business card cases or you can use them of course as credit card holder as well

bike pouch

zip wallet

cuffs in various colours

adjustable shoulderbag that fits even the iPad and lots more to see in the store.

while we're on the topic of time...

and since it's getting harder and harder to wake up on these cold, dark mornings...why not have an alarm clock that is good looking to wake up to?

and if looks aren't enough for you, the 'bell' alarm clock has a louder ring than most...old school fire bell loud. that should get you hopping out of bed!

and if that's too harsh, what about this sleek bedside companion?

'a great company for your trip.' or home,  'this project came about from the plain frustration of trying to set a digital alarm clock for travelling.  as the time and alarm are displayed seperately, you can set the time very simply with using the button appeared on the top.  thanks for its minimal body, you can easily take them to your trip as an excellent company.'

i don't know about you, but i like rolling over to something handsome, laid back and dependable. 

i'll tell you what time it is...

in italian too. 

made of silicone, available in 3 sizes, 15 colours, and with phosphoric hands ( i know you know that means 'glow in the dark', but i just thought i'd reassure you ; ) )   this modern and stylish watch will add a whole lot of sunshine to this dreary vancouver weather.
and if that's not enough, you can pop out the timepiece and buy a different colour band!

all of this goodness comes in a cute little can and prices just under $40.

oh and p.s. did i mention they are designed and MADE in italy?  yup.
p.p.s we're the first ones to have 'em in vancouver, not that that means much, but hey, we all like to be first sometimes right?

thank you so much for coming!

such an amazing night.  thank you to grace, ross and abi of working format and to julian hecht for finally sharing his work!  all your hard work paid off...if you missed the show, it will be here until the november 15th.  more photos to come.
we are always so grateful to all of you who made it out in the rain to make the night that much more special...


xo daniel and caroline

introducing Working Format...

Join us for their official launch here at the shop!

To mark the occasion, this talented trio have been working hard to create several items for the design and typography 'appreciator'. Pieces for sale will include original prints, hand-bound journals, t-shirts and notecard sets.

thursday. oct. 21st. 2010
6pm - 9pm
3408 cambie st.
vancouver, bc v5z 2w8

Who are they?
Working Format is a graphic design studio based in Vancouver founded by Ross Milne, Grace Partridge and Abi Huynh. Working Format exhibits a project-specific working process that has produced a diverse body of work that includes type design, signage, identity and printed matter.
The studio has received numerous distinctions including recognition from The Best Dutch Books, Graphex 2008 and 2010, Coupe, Alcuin Society and Salazar awards.

Not bad hey? And what do you know, they're right here in our city.
Look out Vancouver...

The show will also feature the photography of Working Format collaborator, Julian Hecht.
Julian came to Vancouver to go to school and to work with interesting people. He usually keeps a camera within reach at all times, in the hopes of capturing images of rare beasts (and if you just read that how I read it the first time, it does say BEASTS, not, breasts).

To get a better glimpse into their worlds visit:

We hope to see you here!

xo Caroline and Daniel

there's a lot to be thankful for.

i should have been living on salads and broth this week to make up for the eating festivities this weekend, really.  our family has now made a commitment to walk after dinner rain or shine, just to relieve some of the guilt from the all day eating affair...

if you're partaking in a thanksgiving dinner this weekend, and would like to bring something other than alcohol - here are our favourite picks from the shop!

these beautiful crosscut boards are food safe, pair it with a nice cheese and voila!

hand stitched hand painted tea towels or aprons -  how cute are they?
doesn't daniel look dashing in his apron?

bringing bread?  wouldn't they look that more scrumptious in this bread bag?

or how about a bottle of our favourite - missing goat selection - raspberry, blueberry or apple chutney?
made with lots of love.

happy thanksgiving everyone!

another great night...thank you so much.

a lot of time and energy, on both parts, gets put into the events that happen here at the shop.
but we love it. we love the experience of sharing and collaborating with all these amazing individuals and showcasing their work with all of you.  thank you for support.

the walls are filled in and repainted...
here comes paul with the white gloves for the installation!

vinyl goes up

what a good looking list of names

mr. gallant of course.
paul and the awesome hanna pesut

mr. victor wang

and the night was made that much better by having a glass of our new fave, main street pilsner  - thank you for your sponsorship. thanks to altamont and urbanears also for sponsoring and to paul ismirnioglou for curating.

pictures are still up and available. $50 for 1st edition string, set of 5 photos. 


xo daniel and caroline