book signing...

robert chaplin is a presentor at tonight's pecha kucha and he'll be signing books here at the shop when it's all done at 9pm.  come and grab one of his books for only $20 and get it signed (p.s. he does beautiful signings) - it's never too early to get a personalized christmas gift for you or a special someone...

*click here to read about our first robert experience:

you asked and hoped, and we don't like to disappoint....

so...we brought them in.  we have a large selection of the ever classic moleskine.  we have cahiers, day planners, city notebooks, journalist notebooks, colourful volants and address books all in varied colours and sizes.

i think we may all know the story, but just in case...."Moleskine was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two century: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin."  BUT, did you also know that "Moleskine's primary ethical commitment outside of the company involves lettera27, a non-profit foundation working on behalf of a universal right to education and access to knowledge, everywhere on earth and especially in the world's most deprived and underdeveloped areas. " ?  we didn't. to read more about their social responsibility click here:

there are some brilliantly creative minds around these parts and really, Moleskine notebooks are definitely a top choice.

walrus friends sharing their inspirations...

"Randy Laybourne is an artist, graphic designer, art director, photographer… but not a musician. He’s constantly drawing (you may have seen his work recently on Livestock tees or Element skateboards) and does a variety of work as an illustrator, graphic designer / art director and I have honestly and truthfully never seen him outside of his house with less than 2 cameras on his person..." (by Bob K from vancouver is awesome)
The talented Randy is curating our upcoming show, so mark your calendars for November 19th on the link to read more about this great soul.

He also just featured another familiar face...

That's right, Randy recently met Robert and got to experience Mr. Chaplin in full effect.  Read more about their adventure here

NOO (as in 'NEW')...

we have been looking for watches for quite sometime and Daniel, being Swiss ...well let's just say... like the chocolate we carry, we needed to make sure they were just right. (have to admit, the Swiss make some pretty amazing timepieces and chocolate!)

what we found was a New York design company called NOOKA (the first part of the name coming from 'New York' and the latter part from 'Osaka'). artist/designer Matthew Waldman was first inpsired in 1997, when he realized how few options there were for time display. and we're glad he did - these are some of the most inventive ways of telling time we've ever seen...

and for all you skeptics out there, come down and we'll school you on how to tell time in a whole 'noo' way.

we're proud to introduce...

... Emilie Madill and Keith Weiss who are showing their work for the first time in Vancouver, here at our shop.

About the artists and their work:

Emilie Madill

She has a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University and lives in Vancouver where she enjoys riding her bicycle, eating tasty food, and dancing with hangers.
The drawings are a collaboration between ink, watercolour and paper.

Keith Weiss

As a young Western Canadian visual artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Keith Weiss is currently making his first marks as a professional fine artist. Inspired by many art forms, he also has a keen interest in the influence his tools and materials have in determining his style and content. His exploration of form and colour provides an understanding of the myriad possibilities inherit within any creative endeavour. Keith's youthful energy and openness keeps his work fresh and constantly evolving.
we invite you to come into the shop to experience more of their beautiful work.

introducing mr. josh jakus and his fabulous felt bags

so great! lots of fun pieces from this architect by training from berkeley, california.

"using materials in their simplest form so intrinsic qualities show through — and a rigorous design efficiency that strives to get the most impact out of the fewest moves. Josh founded his design practice in 2005 as a way of continuing his lifelong interest in the nature of structure, space, and materials. though his design practice is driven more by intellectual curiosity than pragmatism, Josh is still happiest making things that are meant to be used. Josh uses his understanding of the built environment and how it is inhabited to inform his designs, and he hopes his products will help foster a more intuitive understanding of all objects in the people who use them."