new: the perfect utility apron by the new domestic.

looking for the perfect apron to motivate a little spring cleaning/gardening/crafting? look no further...

10 oz. cotton canvas / 5 Lower pockets / 7 Upper pockets / 2 bib pockets / hammer loops on each side / woven-to-bib crisscross shoulder straps which lace through grommets / Reinforced stitching on pockets. this will take your kitchen tools, gardening tools, woodworking, crafting and much more....

speaking of getting our hands dirty, aloe designs is hosting workshop #2 this weekend: 

for more information please click on their blog:  the nesting journal  can't make the workshop? aloe will be bringing by a shipment of mason bee houses early next week!  stay tuned...

have a great weekend everyone, if you're in the neighbourhood, pop on by to say hello!

New in Shop: The New Domestic

We are always proud to feature local talent in our store and were excited to bring in the new, 'Bon Journey Bag' from The New Domestic. The New Domestic is a Vancouver-based design studio run by the lovely Nerissa Goco and Peter Hoang.

The Bon Journey Bag is made by Heritage Leather Company in California using the same fabrication techniques and construction methods used for canvas tool bags and are hand-painted in graphic primary colours. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a trip to the beach!

Features: 12 oz cotton canvas, rivet fastened split leather handles, plated metal buckles, a water-resistant fibreboard bottom,  12 gauge rivet secured steel dowels at the top closure, and  little domed feet on the bottom.

The vibrant colour palette is inspiring some serious cravings for vitamin D.

new alarm clock by jasper morrison

'Punkt. AC 01 offers you the pleasure of going back to the traditional alarm clock for everyday use. Why have your cell phone lying on your bedside table, when you can be woken up by a superb design object such as the AC 01? No fumbling around in the dark, no radiation emissions, and no unwanted calls in the middle of the night; just the pleasure of trusting your sleeping hours to a wonderfully simple object that, thanks to its extraordinary simplicity, will delight you every time you wake up to it.'

AC 01 Alarm Clock from Punkt. on Vimeo.


Smart alarm switch

Activate or deactivate the alarm with a simple manual gesture and the
status will be clearly displayed on the dial.

Clever snooze button

You can activate the snooze option with your eyes closed by
simply pressing the back of the alarm clock.

Light-ring dial

Just feel-in-the dark to illuminate the entire dial by gently
squeezing the clock and activating the light ring.

Luminescent hand dials

The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial allow you to tell
the time in complete darkness without turning the light ring on.

Long battery life

One battery for the alarm and two dedicated to the light,
ensure that the AC 01 will work for a long time before having to replace the batteries.
about punkt.:
"Punkt. was established in 2008, amid a global recession, by a 
group of eclectic and international professionals with a passion 
for design and simplicity.Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt
works with an in-house team of professionals and the world's 
leading engineering firms. Also on board, as art director, is the 
British industrial designer Jasper Morrison."

we're pretty big jasper morrison fans over here.  
and we think he's done a beautiful job at this 
simple and functional piece.  what a civilized 
way to wake up in the morning...

inspired to do some micro-gardening? new in store.

The sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are floating in the air and spring just might be here to stay. All this blooming and blossoming inspires us to tell you about a few new products we have in the showroom.

The MicroGreens Grow Box from Potting Shed Creations makes the perfect windowsill veggie garden. Included in the kit is a soil-less growing medium, seeds for organic tom thumb peas, organic red acre cabbage, organic mini carrots, all the planting, growing and harvesting instructions packaged in a beautiful recycled US steel grow box (18"x 3" x 2.5"). Fresh, flavourful micro-veggies should be ready  in 1 to 2 weeks, for salads, sandwiches, soups and hors d'oeuvres. 

We are continually impressed with Potting Shed's dedication to sourcing and using recycled or re-purposed materials for their products. The Growbottle is made from up-cycled or re-purposed wine bottles, the growing system uses a wool felt wick and a clay growing pebble medium which can be rinsed out and re-planted..  Growbottles make growing your own indoor hydroponic herb garden simple and easy. Growbottle kits and re-plant kits are available in organic mint, basil or oregano. 

Here is a photo of a two-year-old Growbottle
 emailed to us by one of our clients. Thanks!

And just in case all the pretty cherry trees are inducing a zen-like mood, Potting Shed has also brought us a collection of bonsai growing kits. Bonsai Boxes use carefully selected tree species, chosen for their beauty and quick growth-rate, and come with everything needed to grow and sculpt your own beautiful bonsai tree. 

 Japanese Elm (5 years old)

 Gardenia (after 3 years)

Japanese Pine (after 3years)

The bonsai tools included in the kits have been produced by the same company since 1663. 

feeling like getting your hands dirty yet?  

long weekend hours

friday. april 5th. 10am - 7pm
saturday. april 6th 10am - 5pm
easter sunday  closed
monday. april. 8th. 12pm - 5pm

happy easter everyone!  here's hoping the the sunshine stays...