vancouver is awesome presents...

this upcoming thursday
starting at 6pm and running until around 9pm...come on down,
always great to see you!

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mother and daughter duo

when kathleen and mikaela came into the shop to show us their wares, they created this lady and gentlemen especially for us.  how sweet!?  these embroidered and hand painted pieces are sure to add a bit of joy to your kitchen, or someone else's.  i know they make me want to bake!

natural linen - they say it's the best thing for cleaning glass

cotton white aprons too

i know, i know - 'but my mom has tons of this stuff!' - listen, my mom does too, but some of them are in dire need of getting turned into dust rags....this year, freshen up your mom's linen closet with these locally made tea towels and aprons.

upside down planter? why not?

Founders Jake and Patrick have set out to be leaders in innovative gardening products.

They intend to transform the way people enjoy plants in their living environments; no longer satisfied with having plants relegated to the remote corners of a room, they have elevated them into stunning interior features...

so, we come across good design like this a lot, and ask ourselves - sure, they have an award-winning design, sure, they are turning heads in the world of design and architecture, they work?  here's their deal:

  • Conserve water - Reduce your watering of household plants by up to 80%
  • Purify your air - Breath fresh naturally filtered air
  • Save your time and save your plants - Refill the self-watering planter (has a terracotta water reservoir on top!)
  • Save floor space - A practical planting solution for modern living areas where space can be limited
  • Transform your view of nature - Look up and enjoy the beauty of nature...  
  • Available in white in 3 sizes and 2 types of ceiling attachments (black only available in large size)

"It is our belief that living spaces should be as beautiful and tranquil as a forest glade. But how do you bring more greenery into your home without cluttering your floor-space? Look up."
it's our belief too Jake and Patrick, so thank you. 
p.s. be a good child and think 'perfect mother's day gift' (only 2 weeks away)

the wise one.

we've been wanting to share this chimpanzee candelabara for awhile now, but to be honest, we only receive limited quantities and he doesn't seem to like hanging around here for too long before he finds a loving home.  he's become quite the celebrity - as featured in style at home...

available in black and white. 
isn't he charming? oh the stories he could tell... a good way.

what an amazing weekend.  really, we are so lucky and grateful for having such an amazing group of clients, friends, and family who have helped bring us past 1 year of existence as walrus.

hopefully you were lucky enough to snag one of these delish homemade cupcakes made by our dear friends jenn and travis

awesome neighbours - amanda and jo from eio!

super great clients jared and liddi trying out the 'urbanears'

kenna and garreth coined a new one 'walrus-eans', pretty cute!

love patty and her gorgeous babe!!

just as an interior designer would, she made 'w' stencils in our font!! so amazing, and hands down the best homemade brownies we've ever had

and to cap the weekend off, ridiculously good olives and selection of cheeses from our other neighbour, mt. pleasant cheese shop

there was a lot more, but we may have been too busy enjoying the company and drinking prosecco...
thank you thank you thank you thank you
it's been a great year, full of awesome collaborations, we look forward to sharing year 2 with you!

xo caroline and daniel

p.s. special thanks goes to paul, for being such a great bartender/marketer this weekend!

one year celebration

 know right?  that was quick...we'd love to see you anytime, but we'd especially love it if we saw you this weekend to pour you a glass of bubbly and thank you for all your support.


One Year Celebration
Four seasons have passed, we’re a year older and
couldn’t have done it without you, thank you.
We invite you to join us in this celebration with
10% off everything in store*, refreshments and hand claps,
or if you prefer, hi-fives.

Saturday, April 10. 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 11. 12 – 5pm
3408 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC

*discount not applicable on artwork and books

xo caroline and daniel