walrus welcomes stelton

we've known and loved stelton for years, but are always fascinated to learn the lineage of these great companies. truly design history.

"Stellan and Carton were two friends who merged their first names in forming one of Denmark's best-know design brands, Stelton. Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire were army pals who joined forces 50 years ago to start a trading company. They tried their hand at sports shoes and furniture, but their business did not really take off until they heard about a small factory in Fårevejle, Denmark, called Danish Stainless.

Danish Stainless produced stainless steel tableware, which was very much in vogue in Denmark's 1960s. ...Stelton began marketing a stainless gravy boat that sold like hotcakes in Danish hardware stores ...

A new managing director, Peter Holmblad, brought his far-reaching vision with him when he joined the company... However, Peter Holmblad was convinced that Stelton could survive only through new product design."

-now this next part certainly was a lucky strike for these two army pals!- 

"As the stepson of Arne Jacobsen, who was perhaps Denmark's greatest architect and designer ever, it was natural for Peter Holmblad to approach his stepfather with a proposal."

the story continues that Mr. Holmblad repeatedly tried to convince his famous stepfather to design something new for Stelton, but it was only until he showed some of his own sketches to his stepfather that things changed.  "Arne Jacobsen found them so hopeless that he began designing something else. The brief was to create a tea and coffee service,...- all in stainless steel.  Stelton launched the new products three years later as Cylinda-Line...  

Cylinda-Line was awarded the ID Prize in 1967." to read the full story: 'stelton - an adventure in stainless steel'

now in store:

1 litre vaccuum jugs
'your choice candle lamp' - choose the right light for you

'simply carafe' - 1 litre, fits into the door of most refrigerators, closefitting lid prevents distaste

'black & white' - salt and pepper mill, inspiration from from the 'turning torso' building in sweden
'ovenproof bowl' - 2 and 3 litre, may be stacked, take the bowls right from the oven & into the cover
'embrace fruit bowl' - stainless steel, satin polished, bread bags fit inside
'breadbag' - 100% cotton, magnet closures keeps bread fresh, crisp and warm
'cheese plane' - satin polished, stainless steel
'corkscrew' - designed in 1974, satin polished, stainless steel
'bottle opener' - designed in 1974, satin polished, stainless steel

timeless, beautiful and functional.

we got out last night...

it's not often daniel and i get to be 'out and about', but last night we downed a cup of coffee and made the short trip out to the western living design awards.  what a treat to see so many kind and beautiful faces....

the always lovely brent comber & jacqueline

doesn't she look gorgeous? 'ones to watch' justine brooks

and so happy to finally meet and connect with the men of provide!
visit their brand new site: http://providehome.com/

always a treat to see fred lee, paul gallant and nicole eaves (another one of our jewellers!)

thank you for a great night out!

ready for night #2, but this time we don't have to go far...hope to see you here!

'strung out' this friday.

come one come all...

thanks to main st. pilsner, altamont, urbanears,  and especially paul ismirnioglou for creating the show.

this friday, sept. 24 starting at 6pm

hope to see you here

thank you for coming!

what a great night!  so great in fact that we think we're going to make it an annual event.  such a fantastic group of people and designs...

introducing medis by urbanears

while reading through all their printed material in a genuine effort for product knowledge, this was what stood out the most:

"Our products are named after places and districts in our hometown Stockholm. This is also what the coordinates on the packaging refers to. In the process of naming we put no values in the choice of locations but rather make sure they are all important building blocks of what an urban environment is made up of. If visiting Stockholm punch them into a GPS and explore them to get a good idea of what this town is about, or maybe not."

of course they also have what you would expect from a good looking scandinavian collective; industrial and graphic designers, tech nerds, designed with you in mind, bold colours, striving to minimize impact on the earth...blah, blah, blah... but the quote above, we thought, exemplifies how clever these guys really are without being obnoxious about it.

grattis urbanears. hålla uppe det goda arbetet!

hilliard in the house.

it's always a bit ridiculous when this sassy lady comes for a visit.  we laugh, we get caught up in her crazy, fun loving escapades, and when she leaves we always feel a little abandoned until our next visit...

come and meet this stylish gal for yourself - lucky us she'll be here tomorrow night!

hilliard design. bringing the bling to walrus. 

'fossilized in silver'

you know when you meet someone, get to know them and realize they have a talent that is quite special and rare?  well that's what happened when i met becky a few years back. 

"By finding hidden strengths and beauty in otherwise disposable items, previously disregarded objects become fossilized in silver, allowing them to take on new lives as playful metaphors and precious talisman.

Taking her experience in industrial design, textile arts and fashion design overseas, Becky travelled to the Netherlands to take part in an internship with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders after which she returned to Vancouver BC to complete her degree in Industrial Design. Becky looks for inspiration in unexpected places and finds pleasure in discovering magic in seemingly ordinary places. Becky resides in Vancouver and continues to make things."

she won't be able to make the trunk show on thursday, but we have feeling we'll be seeing a lot more from her this upcoming year...

the ladies of freetime...

it's not often we receive a package with a sweet and personalized handwritten note introducing their work.  we're glad they did...

"a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating innovative products by merging new technologies with natural materials and contemporary aesthetics. A true northwest collective, each designer utilizes their unique skill set in constructing furniture, housewares, and personal accessories that illustrate and enhance an imaginative yet uncomplicated lifestyle." 

...like music to my ears '...enhance an imaginative yet uncomplicated lifestyle'.  yes please.

photo credit:  Kyle Johnson (http://kjphotos.com/home.html )

"About Laser Nature: Abandoning convention, we have set off to build our own myths. Each piece of the laser nature collection tells a story through imagery from Native American culture, folklore, and black magic. A limited edition of 100 are being created, hand crafted from walnut, pearl, abalone, and re-purposed leather."

welcome ladies it's a pleasure to have you.

jewellery 'trunk show'

"A "trunk show" :...vendors present merchandise directly to select customers at a retail location...In many cases...to preview and/or purchase merchandise... It is particularly desirable to have the actual designer present at the event. "

-according to wikipedia.

so we thought, hey - we have a retail location, we have fantastic local jewellery designers and we're always up for an evening event...why not?

join us for our first ever jewellery 'trunk show'.
meet the designers. have a drink. be the first to see their newest pieces...and while you're at it, enjoy a free make up touch up by the gals of beautymark.

there's no junk at this trunk.

thursday. september 9. 2010
6 - 9pm

please rsvp. info@walrushome.com

thank you,
caroline and daniel