new show. very exciting.


A unique series of drinking cups that bridge art, craft and design. Exclusive to Walrus, for a limited time, the Fieldwork design collective brings new interpretations to a classic product. Each cup is hand-crafted and in limited production. Each was conceived, developed and made in Vancouver.

Fieldwork, founded in 2009, is a Vancouver-based collective of eight emerging designers. FW offers an array of experiments, interpretations and narratives through a range of outcomes — exhibitions, group shows, and product design. FW aims to shift the perception and understanding of design.

thursday. november 10th. 2011
6 - 9pm
here at the shop.

if you missed last year's show, we hope to see you at this one.  it's our last show of the  year folks.  let's make it big.

coffee? tea time anyone?

when you look this good - everything seems to taste better...

these beautifully crafted french presses are available in two sizes; 4-5 cups or 1-2.
classic and timeless with their wood handles and dripless spouts. 

equally as handsome are the milk & sugar pourer.
for the designers, these classic pourers evoke childhood outings to Italian ice cream parlours and coffee houses. the sugar pourer is calibrated to release sugar in a small, fixed measure ideal for espresso drinkers. and for those of you who love their dishwashers, yes, they are dishwasher safe. 

this beautiful tea ball is a reinterpretation of the great British teapot and has already become a classic. embraced by top teahouses and restaurants in England, the tea ball has won praise from trade publication and tea aficionados the world over.
features ergonomic handles, drip-proof spout, and removable stainless steel infuser suitable for loose-leaf or bagged tea.

also available in 2 sizes.


they were asked recently about why they have a spice mill sitting in their stainless steel range of tea and coffee ware.
"In terms of evolution, the spice mill's shape was the source of the collection. The mill's ergonomic handle has become a unifying feature for the entire range, and its witty I-want-to-pick-you-up shape is echoed in the signature spout of the tea and coffee pots.
With a ceramic grinder, the spice mill is suitable for pepper, coarse salt, or other spices. Spices are stored in the stainless steel base. To use, simply invert and twist the handle while gripping the base. Since the mill end faces upwards when not in use, it won't leave dust rings on your table or shelf."

i have to say, that last point is a big deal for me.  oh you smarty pants, we just love good design. 

from across the sea, we give you a warm welcome to our little shop. 

glerups = toasty toes (but not too toasty...)

the ankle boot

the slipper

the 'shoe'

"A hobby that grew...
In 1993, Nanny Glerup started producing slippers made of felted wool on a small scale, simply as a hobby.They were so well received by friends and family that she decided to make it her living.However she was able to manufacture 2 pairs only a day. Since then she has developed new production techniques and over the years she has developed and refined the products, assisted by her husband Ove Glerup. It took them 10 years to succeed this project, after several experiments and trashed machines.Now her felt products are sold throughout Denmark."

natural glerup felt facts:
  • alkaline salts and lanolin combine to form the most pure and natural soap - which washes and cleanses the wool - reason why you can clean these without the use of soap
  • waterproof, while still being breathable
  • impurities, like sweat, cannot penetrate the fibres

ok. these are just ridiculous.  you have to try a pair on.  i think they're the only slippers you'll ever need.  

just in...

another great local design!

Identity, is a brand based on the ideals of what the Canadian Identity is - It begs the questions, what is Canada and what does it mean to be Canadians? Images are clean and modern, designed for the sophisticated Canadian male. Tees are designed & printed in Canada with high quality fabrics.

and we have more fun styles in the shop.

and here are the matching pillows made of vintage army blankets, also available in grey.

LA lovin'

"This South Cambie shop is both unpretentious and eclectic.  A recent trip found cutting boards of cross-cut tree trunks, hand-knit alpaca cushion covers and laser-cut wood jewelry."

thank you to  joanne blain, for the including us with such good company and for the lovely write up!

'no junk at this trunk' evening.

neil and hiroko of hk + np studio

monica berdin

lemon park new collection

new work by hk + np studio

skinny jewellery by aysen boyzigit

new work by shelley hilliard of hilliard design

collection of handcrafted hats by sarah strange, stranger things millinery

our 'barkeep',  paul gallant

the beautiful anya of i'm the it girl and dapper joe of of slop press

thank you to the jewellers and everyone who came and made this evening so very special.  xo

(special thank you to anna, mom, and paul for all your help, and daniel - for the photos, xo)

R.I.P Steve Jobs

wouldn't normally post things like this, but this Commencement speech given by Steve Jobs in 2005 is so inspiring.   if you have a chance, have a listen.

tonight tonight.

we hope you can join us for tonight's festivities!  there will be a range of beautiful pieces shown the talent behind the work. 

tonight. 6 - 9pm 

xo caroline and daniel

meet ms.sarah strange.

"Sarah Strange is an actor, writer and hatter living in Vancouver.

Each piece is unique and lovingly hand crafted by Sarah, for you.
She hopes you like them."
~the sky is falling; put on a hat.~

meet this fantastically wonderful lady tonight! 

meet monica berdin.

we did a show earlier this year with her lovely jewellery but we just can’t get enough...  

Monica Berdin altered her pursuits in life shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design (b.i.d.) from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture and traveling to Cairo, Egypt with the University of British Columbia, School of Architecture. Armed with a firmly entrenched design process, Monica returned to Vancouver, British Columbia to further carry her design studies into the discipline of Goldsmithing/Jewellery.

wednesday. october 5th. 6 - 9pm